About us

Bakery of Ossetian pies "Three Pies" opened in Kiev quite recently and has already managed to win the hearts of Kiev residents and guests of the capital with its excellent fragrant Ossetian pies.
Buy Ossetian pies in Kiev and feel the real taste of Caucasian cuisine you can only in the bakery of Ossetian pies "Three Pies". The variety of the menu of Caucasian cuisine will pleasantly surprise you not only with the amount of real Ossetian pies, but with the taste of aromatic Caucasian spices, cheeses of your own production and halal meat. Try Ossetian pies in Kiev with free delivery and you will not forget the unrivaled taste of Caucasian cuisine.
Order our real Ossetian pies in Kiev and get a lot of fun !!!
Once you try our pies - you will always stay with us.
Bon Appetit!