Pies Kiev

The bakery of the Ossetian pies “Three Pies” opened in Kiev quite recently and has already managed to conquer the hearts of Kiev residents and guests of the capital with its excellent fragrant pies.
You can order the most delicious Pies Kiev and Kiev region only in the bakery of the pies “Three Pies” and feel the real taste of Caucasian cuisine. The variety of Caucasian cuisine menu will pleasantly surprise you not only with the number of true and genuine Ossetian pies, but with the taste of fragrant Caucasian spices, own-produced cheeses and halal meat. Try pies in Kiev with free shipping and you will not forget the unsurpassed taste of Caucasian cuisine.
Order our real pies in Kiev and get a lot of fun !!!
Once you have tried our Kiev pies - you will always stay with us.
Enjoy your meal!

How to calculate the number of pies per company?

Pies from the bakery "Three Pies" - it is tasty, satisfying, and always solemn. Our pies will create an unsurpassed feeling of celebration for a family dinner in a circle of loved ones, and for a treat among colleagues. How can one calculate the number of pies correctly so that everyone has enough? To take into account the taste preferences of all those invited (after all, among your company there may be people in the post, vegetarians)? It is also important to take into account the gender of the guests: after all, to feed 10 men or 10 women you need completely different amounts of food. Our experts will be happy to share their experience and select the best menu for your event. So order with pleasure and eat with appetite!

Pies for the company

We prepare cakes of 4 diameters: 17cm, 22cm, 28cm, 32cm.
Hot, just baked cake is standardly cut into 8 pieces. If you order a large cake with a diameter of 32 cm, then an adult will need 2-3 pieces to eat. In the bakery "Three Pies" 22 variations of toppings: there is nourishing (cheese, meat), lean, sweet pies. Picking up a menu for a treat of three cakes with a diameter of 32 cm is enough for a company of 8-12 people. If your company is small, we have 28 cm pies in stock. We also have a ready-made solution for a small company - Combo-kits for a company of 3, 5, 8 people.
If you plan to decorate the birthday table with Ossetian pies, in the bakery "Three Pies" on a permanent basis, a discount of 15% per day of birth and 3 days after. We respect your holiday and are ready to please not only with excellent quality, timely delivery of hot pies to the holiday table, but also the opportunity to use our bonus system, which will allow you to accumulate bonuses and pay them for your favorite pies.
If you are planning a romantic dinner for 2, the bakery "Three Pies" and for this occasion has a fantastic solution for creating a romantic atmosphere - Combo-set for lovers, which includes cheese cake and sweet cake with diameters of 22 cm, fruit drinks, sauce.
If you are very carefully preparing for your event and would like to try the pies - there is a great solution: pies 17 cm, designed for 1 person. It is also a good option when ordering a company where one person is vegetarian or on duty! Believe me, your guests will be incredibly pleased that their taste preferences were taken into account!
We start cooking only after the receipt of the order and always bring the dish to hot. We accept pre-orders: even if you make your choice in a month, the most delicious Ossetian pies in the capital will be delivered at the right time and place! You and your guests will be delighted!