About us

Three Pies is contacted when they want a tasty and satisfying meal. We attract potential customers in every possible way: we distribute advertising on the street, hold promotions, hang out banners around the city.
Why are we doing this?
In the process of making Ossetian pies, we invest not only our cookery art, but also a particle of our own soul. Each cake prepared for you fills us with joy, because we love our work.
Why are we so persistent?
The number of our customers is steadily increasing. After tasting our pies once, you will order them again and again.

Ossetian pies in Kiev are becoming a popular dish that young people, students, IT employees love to order when there is no time or desire to stand near the stove.

Taking care of the convenience of our customers, we organized quick delivery throughout Kiev, so the pies will bring you hot. In addition to Ossetian pies, you can order delicious natural sauces and fruit drinks. It has become fashionable to order our cakes in the office for lunch, home for evening dinners in front of the TV, for birthdays, parties, just for gatherings with friends. Our clients are people of various nationalities and social backgrounds, calls to order pies come to us from the whole territory of Kiev and nearby settlements.

Ossetian pie is easy to prepare, the most important thing is high-quality and natural products, respecting the proportions and baking technology. An excellent result is achieved with the right balance of all components.

What makes our Ossetian pies so delicious?

The brand chef of Three Pies is the famous Aslan Abaev. Under his strict guidance, dozens of students trained in our network of bakeries of delicious, fragrant, juicy Ossetian pies with a wide variety of fillings.

Dough - sifted flour of the highest grade, fresh live yeast and natural oil are used for its preparation. The main secret - the dough should be thin. The finished cake is always evenly covered with a delicate crisp.
Stuffing - it should be a lot, it is she who makes our Ossetian pies incredibly tasty and juicy. For meat products, we use only fresh ground beef, which we make manually from meat purchased from trusted suppliers who have all the relevant documents. We want to please all our customers, therefore for vegetarians and during the fasting period, in our assortment there are always several types of pies with lean filling, fruits. For the filling, only natural products that do not contain GMOs and impurities and additives harmful to health are used.
Ossetian cheese and suluguni, which are included in almost every dish, we cook ourselves using old technologies.
Natural Caucasian spices make pies fragrant.

We have our own principles.

We do not use gloves in the process of making pies. It is better to wash your hands constantly than to wear gloves made of synthetic materials when working with delicate products such as dough or fruit. You cook at home without the use of protective equipment. We in our institution place emphasis on the cleanliness of hands, trays, and the compliance with the general sanitary condition of the room and kitchen with accepted standards. We are always clean, we are ready at any time to meet representatives of regulatory bodies and confirm our principles.

Ossetian pies are cooked in ovens where the minimum temperature is 300 ° C. At this temperature, all known microorganisms are destroyed. But when unfolding finished products, we use disposable gloves.

Each person working in Three Pies adheres to the general rules, according to which we control all processes from the purchase of products to the delivery of our Ossetian pies to their destination. After all, it is easier and more efficient to work when there is a ready-made instruction in which all the nuances are clearly painted.

Why do they trust us?

We prepare delicious Ossetian pies according to proven recipes and use only natural fresh products. We try to work so that each of you enjoys tasting our products.