Alcoholic drinks

Each cuisine of the world has its own characteristics not only in cooking, but also in the consumption of products. The alcohol card was not spared. For Ukrainians, the national alcohol is vodka, for the Japanese it is sake, and for Ossetians it is araka.

Araki, by the way, has analogues that can be safely replaced. In addition to it, Ossetians discover the taste of their dishes in combination with other alcohols that are more familiar to you.

How to choose the right alcohol for the dish?

In order for food intake not to be spoiled by alcohol, you need to know what, how and with what to combine correctly. Let's start with the classifications of traditional Ossetian drinks:
Kvass (bread, fruit);
An aperitif is used before the start of a meal. It is needed in order to prepare the body for eating and reveal the taste of the dish. When choosing this alcohol, consider its features.

It is better to choose an aperitif: one-component, not sweet, bitter, cold, refreshing, light, clean and with a fresh taste. Pay attention to our alcohol card, in order to whet your appetite and start an easy, relaxed conversation in your company, fit:

Martini (Bianco, Prosecco, Brut)

Genie (Gordon's)

Beer (Kronenburg, Grimbergen, Corona)



Each of these types of alcohol will be able to help reveal your order Kyiv "Three Pies", enhance its taste, which will include: meat, herbs and cheeses.

The most important thing in eating is the aftertaste.
It doesn't matter for what occasion, without neg you decide to order "Three Pies". The main thing is what impression you will have after a meal or a meeting. The aftertaste determines the overall impression.

At the end of lunch or dinner, you can walk and enjoy this feeling for a long time. And this means that next time you will come back for it. And this is great, but if you do not make the right choice, you can ruin everything yourself.

Therefore, it is important to well consolidate and continue a friendly conversation, a romantic meeting, or possibly a working corporate party along with an order from the combo menu “Name Day in the Office”.

For him, strong alcohol and a light snack are suitable, which will allow you to continue the evening with a casual conversation. In this case, the Ossetians use araka. As already mentioned, this is strong alcohol and it has its own analogues in our area.

What can you choose for the final party? Pay attention to:







And others.

Choose from your personal taste preferences to ensure it's aromatic, strong, and full-bodied. Complete with a light snack.

The institution cares about its client and chooses only high-quality alcohol so that your order is complemented by good impressions of a meal, meeting or holiday. The sale of alcoholic beverages is possible only to persons who are 18 years of age.

Remember that excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health.