Ossetian pies for Birthday - 15% discount

On a permanent basis, there is an action for the birthday. If you have a birthday in the near future, you can mark it with us and get a 15% discount on all the menus. Even if the holiday was three days ago, you can still use the special offer for the birthday. 
To participate in the action you need to produce a document confirming the date of your birth. The age of the birthday person does not matter. 
It does not matter what your company is, big and noisy or small and quiet, our Ossetian pies will be the best treat. This kind of food looks like a festive one, and it will allow you to have a hearty and fun celebration. 
For children we have sweet pies, girls who follow their figure, can eat low-calorie pies, but for men the dish with meat is perfect. Extra zest for our pies will be sauces and fruit drinks of our own preparation. 
Make your holiday bright and memorable, spend it with us! 
Bakery of Ossetian pies ♨♨♨ "Three pies" constantly hold promotions and special offers, order delicious food home or office and get incredible discounts.