Contactless Delivery 60 min.

Dear our customers! Your health is above all for us, therefore we recommend that you place an order and pay online on our website. And in the comments to the order, write the word - CONTACTLESS, and write a little more detail where the courier to leave your order (for example, in front of the apartment door).

For our network, the cleanliness of our kitchen and the quality of our products have been and remain one of the top priorities. All our employees have always paid maximum attention to the cleanliness of their hands and surfaces in the workplace. Now we have strengthened the processing of our bakeries. Our pies are heat-treated in the oven for an average of 4 minutes at 380 degrees - so the food becomes absolutely safe.

Wash your hands often and take care of yourself and your family!
With love, a network of Three Pies bakeries
Ossetian pies in Kiev have been swimming in popularity and fame for a very long time. And it’s not just that. A very large number of Kiev people love this dish. Some of our clients cannot live even a day without our very tasty, fresh, best Ossetian pies. Also, our customers like to order and pamper themselves with them on the robot during the lunch break or even order for birthdays. No wonder. After all, everyone knows that with our sweets, your holiday one hundred percent will be unforgettable. Thanks to us, a lot of people save their precious time. Indeed, in the twenty-first century it is always catastrophically small. There is no strength not desire to stand at the stove and cook some food. So why do this if there is our Three Pies bakery? We will prepare everything for you with great pleasure. Our team loves its customers. Therefore, you can not even think about freshness and taste. Everything will be perfect.

Why are Ossetian pies better?

Let's first understand why our Ossetian pies are so delicious and insanely popular. We will reveal the secret to you. Our team knows a lot of secrets. Our Ossetian pies can not be compared with any Kiev dish. They are remembered to everyone who is lucky to try them.

The process of making Ossetian pies is not easy. Our team is professionals in their field. They have a lot of experience behind them and some skill. The secret of our delicious Ossetian pies has been passed down from generation to generation. We can proudly declare that such pies as we do not have in any bakery. Of course, the cooking technology is almost the same for everyone, but only we have a highlight. Thus, we allow you to distinguish our masterpiece from others.

The filling of Ossetian pies can be very diverse. Types of filling you can see on our website. With such a huge selection of flavors, everyone likes Ossetian pies. Everyone can choose their own, delicious cake. Our pies can surprise any foodie, so don’t waste time, call and order.

Ossetian pies will appeal to both adults and children. This dish is welcomed on any table.

We are waiting for your orders, for you cakes will be made exclusively with Love!