A bit of history ...

Few people can be found indifferent to tasty, hot, delicious pies. A pie is a baked dish made from dough stuffed with various fillings. In the traditions of many peoples, baking with filling is an honorable place. The history of cooking dishes is rooted in deep antiquity, symbolizing the pledge of the well-being of the family. In the course of time, from the festive food, pies were turned into daily food.
The pie may be the main kind of nutritious food, fast snack or delicious dessert for teaspoons. Such a dish will perfectly complement any feast. The type of dough and filling determines the purpose of baking, here the options - for real gourmets and for those who just want to eat delicious. The choice depends on your taste. Sweet, lean, sweet pies will find their admirers thanks to the juicy stuffing, the air test, the delicate fragrance of spices.

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For recipes, you use sweet and yeast dough, and stuffing is sweet, meat, fish, vegetable, cheese. Each baking category has its own technology for protecting the dough, shape and color. The highest flavoring qualities come from fresh, hot pies, therefore ordering tasty pies from Three Pies with delivery to your home or office in Kiev directly to lunch or dinner.
Sweet and appetizing Ossetian cakes with meat filling of lamb, veal, beef, turkey, and chicken are popular. Very tasty stuffing - from potatoes, cheese, mushrooms, greens. Lesser calorie products - with cabbage, pumpkin, vegetables - will fit the vegetarians. Sweet baked bacon filled with apples, pears, cherries, strawberries, raspberries is well-ordered for a family lunch; it will surely appeal to adults and children.

Rules of "pie etiquette"

There are no definite rules on how to eat cakes. It all depends on the place where the food is eaten and the conditions that are appropriate to it. Eat as most of the present, and the place of the order may be a house, an office, a hotel room, a gazebo in the park, garages in the yard or any corner that will happily provide Kiev with a good company.
Before serving, they are cut into small pieces. At the table on his plate pieces are shifted with a spatula, tongs or a large fork, eaten with a knife and a fork. At a buffet feeding it is customary to follow other rules and have hands. A piece of delicacies is better to hold in your hand on a napkin. Adhering to these tips, just look good in the company where the cake is ordered. Ossetians eat hands and only hands.
The sweet ones are best combined with tea, mozzar, but to other fillings are traditionally served national Caucasian sauces, fragrant adzhiku. Only natural, fresh or pickled products, only good seasonings and sauces will help to reveal a delicate taste and enjoy baking. Therefore, the main order is well-complemented with drinks and sauces that are perfectly matched.

Where to buy real Ossetian pies?

Bakery Three Pies (3 Pies) - the best cake in Kiev, where you can order and buy online a real Ossetian or sweet cake with home delivery, the price depends on the filling and the size. This is the perfect option for a treat that will appeal to everyone who will try it. The dish is appropriate on the birthday party, celebration, office party, celebration of the New Year, anniversary and just a lunch break. Our food is restaurant level, it's not fast food. We use only fresh products, the purpose of baking is immediately sent from the oven. Instant execution of orders is provided by professional chefs responsible for the high quality of food, and prompt delivery by the state of couriers. Dishes will come to you still hot, only from the oven. In addition, the order of cakes home in Kiev - the best solution, if you unexpectedly welcomed guests or just want to pamper yourself.
Delivery in Kiev is free! For the anniversary we always guarantee a 15% discount. Delivery time depends on the area of ​​the city, specify it from the operator. Online orders are accepted from 9 am to 8 pm daily. You can pay in cash, through the POS terminal, online through the LiqPay system. For legal entities cashless settlement with invoice is possible.