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Pie delivery - who, why and where orders food?

It used to be popular with people and considered normal and tasty to buy various semi-finished products. They went to different shops and supermarkets and there they allowed themselves to spend money on not always tasty finished products. Of course, it used to be convenient before. After all, you do not need to stand at the stove for hours and prepare something to eat at lunch in the office.

But things started to change closer to 2013. Yes, it was at this time that people began to understand food and its composition. Therefore, they realized that food from supermarkets does not always taste good. People discovered and began to widely use such a concept as food delivery. After all, there are many more advantages in this type of obtaining finished products. It also became very popular, and most importantly - simple. And this is an indisputable fact. What do you need to order? It's nothing special. Only Internet access, but for our generation this is an everyday thing. You just need to go to the site, for example, to our site with the most delicious Ossetian pies in Kiev, and choose products to your taste. Then just order and pay for the purchase.

Let's take a look at the development of delivery in Ukraine. All products are estimated at about $ 1.5 billion a year. And from them 900 million are credited to Kiev.
In big cities, 30 percent of establishments, but in Kiev, maybe even more, have come up with their own personal delivery method. Many of these companies deliver food at any time of the day. And this, in turn, is very strong.
Where do people order food?
According to the statistics, which were carried out throughout Ukraine, every person in a large city orders food approximately once a month. And in our capital, there are 1-5 orders per month per inhabitant.
More often than not, people order finished products in the offices for lunch breaks. It is very convenient and popular nowadays. And most importantly - easy and simple. Women and men order food in the same quantity. But with the number of home deliveries, the women excelled well. They overtook the men several times. According to statistics, women are much more likely to order food home. After all, you do not need to spend your already limited rest time on hourly cooking in the kitchen. It's easier to call or order online.

More than 74.7 percent of the residents of our capital use the Internet to order finished products. The percentage has grown significantly compared to last year. Then it was only more than 20 percent.
Statistics were carried out about the age of the buyers. These are people from 18 to 34. It was at this age that a larger number of orders for finished products was recorded.
Why is it convenient to order ready-made meals at home?
People get very tired at school and work, that's why 48 percent of people who were asked questions about delivery claim that they order ready-made food at home, because it's quick and convenient, you don't need to stand at the stove for hours and rack your brains. me to cook today. But most of the people, and this is 55.9%, say that in this way they delight themselves with something tasty, cheer themselves up.
People also order dishes in order to simply try the cuisine of different nations of the world. Also, that would very quickly prepare to receive guests. Women want to please their loved ones.
How will food come to you?
We all know that in the past, food was delivered at random. It could be metal boxes, paper, there were cases even just in napkins. Now this sounds crazy to us. And now, delivery services use a variety of methods for packaging. These are boxes for pizzas and pies from corrugated cardboard, special boxes for noodles, plastic containers, thermal bags, which effortlessly keep the warmth and aroma of dishes.

Boxes for our most delicious Ossetian pies

Cardboard boxes for our Ossetian pies are made from multi-layer laminated corrugated cardboard or micro corrugated cardboard. It is used because of its strength and the fact that it retains heat. And lamination is done to improve the appearance.

Couriers simply have to hold out a box with a pie to the client with one hand, the main thing is that the box does not wrinkle or open slightly. For the delivery of pies, there must be holes in the box, they are needed for air in order to avoid the accumulation of moisture.

Our famous Ossetian pies are packed very hot. Therefore, we only use the thickest cardboard for delivery. Only he will retain strength and other properties, even despite such a high temperature.