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Delicious Ossetian pies

The national cuisine of Ossetia is rich, although it does not have as many products in its arsenal as the cuisine of the peoples of the Caucasus. Traditionally, its main dish is meat accompanied by various sauces. On the second place of recipe traditions - pies with meat stuffing or pies with meat. This is the pride of the Ossetian people and the most popular dish outside of Ossetia. At home, this dish for everyday life, holidays and weddings. Traditions of Ossetia fell in love with Kiev, where it became customary to order an Ossetian pie with a quick delivery to the house or office, as a tasty, satisfying meal, which has an affordable price. In modern life, the order can be made for a home dinner, an office dinner or a fashion party.
This cake has a lot of filling and a thin layer of dough. And the thinner the dough through which the inner contents are viewed, the more hospitable is the host. To the national traditions can be attributed and the technique of wrapping a pie - in the center there must be a small hole for the exit of steam. Classic pie from Ossetia has in diameter no more than 35 centimeters, and its thickness does not exceed two centimeters.
For the filling is used beef, lamb or poultry meat. Flour can be wheat or corn, the recipe does not contain margarine and eggs. As a seasoning, garlic or wild garlic was traditionally taken. Time has changed ancient simple recipes. To the meat fillings added cheese, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, pumpkin, beet leaves, spring onions and other products. The list of seasonings has expanded, borrowing various spices from the kitchen of the Caucasian peoples.

House of pies in Kiev

The delicacy of preparing Ossetian pies is best left to the real Ossetian cooks, who put in cakes all the hospitality and hospitality of their people, who follow the traditional formula. Products for baking are carefully selected, the filling is prepared immediately before baking. The most refined and satiated gourmets will not remain indifferent to various fillings on a thin test. In the catalog of the site - more than 20 types of Ossetian pies with meat, mushroom, cheese, vegetable fillings. Choose the one that suits you to the taste and size of the company.

Bakery of elite Ossetian pies "Three Pies" can be considered the home of Ossetian pies - this is the place where you can order and buy a real Ossetian pie in Kiev, the price depends not only on the filling, but also on the size of the pie. Each kind is baked in weight in:
500 grams;
800 grams;
1200 grams.
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