History of Ossetian pies

We love Ossetian pies, eat them and, as is most often the case, do not even think about how this delivered the most delicious food appeared. By the way, if you want to try goodies, you will not find a better bakery than ours in the capital - this is confirmed by many reviews and certificates, as well as years of our successful work.

So, it may seem that the history of the appearance of the pies is not interesting, because they look so simple and flat, nothing special: the dough and cheese are constantly placed, with the exception of rare cases, in meat versions, there are also sweet fillings.

Logical origin

Did you know that Ossetian pies appeared already in the XII-XIV centuries? Not? Do not worry, now we will tell you everything.
The history of the origin of the Ossetian pie in terms of logic.
Actually the cooking method, the form has a logical explanation.
The history of Ossetian pies begins with the beginning of the Tatar-Mongol procession - it was in the XII-XIV centuries - Alans, indigenous tribes expelled from their own territories to North Ossetia. The mountainous places where they later settled were not fertile and rich in crops. With food it was quite difficult, I had to look for ways to cook tasty, healthy and not expensive. Then they began to make this amazing masterpiece of baking, the composition consisted of vegetables, oats, grain products and others that could be mined then in the mountains. And now we can easily order Ossetian pies, because we have delivery available all over Kiev, and before that it was quite painstaking work: people spent a lot of time and effort for cooking.

Few people think about the history of the Ossetian pie: why it looks like who invented it, how it changed its appearance over time. Ossetians lived in the mountains, where wheat was especially valued and because of the constant lack of grain, pies were made very thin in order to save money. Over time, a tradition appeared to make Ossetian pie from the thinnest layer of dough. Thanks to the rich variety of other ingredients, such as raising cows, sheep and other livestock and poultry, they gave meat, new variations appeared. There was a lot of wheat in Ukraine, which cannot be said about the products for the filling, so we can observe a significant difference in form.

And in the North Caucasus, pies with fruit filling did not take root, recipes for Ossetian fruit pies are not as developed as pastries with cheese and beets. They were abundant, housewives improvised, coming up with delicious dishes. Today we can not deny ourselves the pleasure of enjoying various types of pies from our bakery.

And you traditionally knew yeast, eggs, kefir were not used because of the nomadic way of life. Now they are successfully used for making pies. This is a certain deviation from the ancient traditions of cooking, such a change does not make the Ossetian pie tasteless, rather, many people like it even more.

This is the story of the Ossetian pie. Time passed, Ossetians descended from the mountains and settled on the plains, and the inhabitants themselves settled around the world. In Ossetia, this dish is the most important; without it, not a single holiday is held.

If you live in Kiev, you can feast on pies and tell stories you know about the preparation and origin of Ossetian pie in our bakery.

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