Promotions for pies

Promotions for pies

Hearty Ossetian pies: participate in promotions - pay less for lunch!

Regular customers of the Three Pies pie know that the company provides excellent service for the delivery of hot pastries to all areas of Kiev. This is a convenient service that allows you to have a hearty and tasty lunch, enjoy authentic Caucasian dishes. In addition to saving time, the bakery also offers to save some money by simply participating in one of the many promotions.
Fresh Ossetian pies with a significant discount !!!

Promotion: Happy Birthday !!!

Do you want to treat your colleagues something tasty and unusual on your Birthday? Hot pastries with cheese, meat or vegetable fillings will be an excellent holiday treat. And sweet Ossetian fruit pies are a great substitute for cake, because they are much tastier and healthier. The bakery gives 20% of the birthday to all menus!

Promotion: Pleasant hours

This offer is valid on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. These days you have the opportunity to order every second pie from 15-00 to 19-00 with a 50% discount.

Promotion: Fat Tuesday

Have you ever been given a 70% discount? In the Ossetian bakery Three Pies, you can take advantage of such a proposition every Tuesday. To do this, you need to order Ossetian pies 28 cm in diameter for lunch or dinner. Every second pie will cost 70% cheaper! What else is needed to get enough of delicious Caucasian pastries among colleagues?

In addition, the Ossetian bakery Three Pies offers to participate in the bonus program. For each order, bonuses are awarded to the client, which he can pay for the next purchase. One bonus equals one hryvnia!

Healthy food: good mood for the whole day!

It is no secret that a healthy diet ensures the normal functioning of the body, gives it the necessary amount of energy and contributes to the formation of a positive perception of the world. Simply put: a well-fed person is always satisfied. And if the food consisted of healthy and properly prepared foods, then the body will be healthy and full of strength.
Ossetian pies are dishes traditionally made only from natural products. The test contains no eggs, which makes it less caloric. The filling is always made exclusively from fresh products with the addition of a large amount of fresh herbs. The Three Pies bakery gives you the opportunity to enjoy inexpensive healthy and truly delicious pastries every day!