What to give on March 8?

What to give on March 8?
We all know that we have a very cool holiday on our nose. A holiday when women are congratulated for what they are. All the people of our country conduct it in their own way. Some people like to sit in a restaurant or cafe, someone likes to spend this day in cultural development. That is, to visit cinema, theaters or museums. Most, according to statistics, dream of spending it in a quiet home circle.

Where to spend a holiday?

Dear men, if you do not know how to organize a holiday for your beloved women in such a way that they will be delighted with the holiday and, of course, from you. In that case, the employees of the Three Pies bakery network will be happy to help you.
The most important thing is to choose a venue. If your girlfriend loves to party, it is best to book a table at a club or restaurant. It does not take you much time and effort. But if your soulmate loves the home atmosphere, then you have to think a little. You need to organize everything yourself. And food and jewelry and a gift remain only on your shoulders.
But most importantly - do not put this matter in the far box! It will not bring you anything good.
It is for you that the team of our bakery will take over the preparation of your table. You can easily order delicious Ossetian pies in Kiev without even leaving your own home and doing your own thing. To do this, you just need to go to our website and order quality pies in the capital. Our quality has been tested by many regular customers who even entrust us with organizing birthdays. So, Ossetian pies are so popular that they are ordered for all occasions. We give you our love even at your work, because we deliver Ossetian pies to offices for lunch breaks.
Therefore, call and order. We have a very good, perfectly developed delivery service. The cake will come to you completely hot.
We have Ossetian goodies for every taste. Therefore, your choice will be very large. You can also order delicious fruit drinks in Kiev and natural sauces that can be added to any meal.
So, with the venue we decided. There was only a gift left.

What to give to make her surprised?

The most important thing is not to postpone the search for a gift for the last day. That is, run on March 7 at all stores. There are people who even march with bated breath and are looking for something special and cool. We will not even comment on this.
So, we selected several gifts that will fully please the girl, and the wife, and mother, sister or daughter.


As we all know, women love with their eyes. Therefore, there is no girl who was not happy about cool accessories. Even rational girls who don’t like spending money on a nice little toy will want you to do it. A cosmetic bag, a very nice and improved handle with jewelry, a purse, a handbag, a business card holder or even a notebook will present your lady to the seventh heaven. Just do not buy the same and dull things. Find something that she will appreciate and feel unique. After all, all people strive for this.


This is a win-win gift option. It would be very nice if you yourself prepared something sweet and attractive. Well, if nature has not endowed you with such talent, it is better, of course, to find something very creative and tasty. A very large number of shops and bakeries for you. It is at this time that you can find a lot of offers.

Sets for her

Perhaps your half is interested in something. It will be a very good gift for interest. Everyone knows how quickly creative materials end! There are many women who collect something, this is the easiest way to please them. All you need to do is follow her passion and be attentive to the little details of her life.


So, it did not seem to give your beloved unforgettable emotions. What do we mean. It can be some cool certificate in a spa or beauty salon. Also, do not forget about traveling for two. This will please not only her, but also you. After all, you will spend this time together.