What is an Ossetian pie and how to eat it right

What is an Ossetian pie and how to eat it right
First, the cake must be properly cooked. It will be served to you hot, and it should be thin and soft. Cutting the pie is easy thanks to properly kneaded, rolled out and baked dough, and the filling will not come out of the piece, since the cake is thin enough to bake into one whole product, and the filling is correctly distributed over the cake. After inhaling the aroma, you will already prepare the receptors for further perception of taste. By the way, try to eat, having pinched a nose beforehand - you will feel almost nothing! The fact is that in the nose there is a significant part of the taste buds, and it is the smell that primarily determines the taste of the dish used.

As for etiquette - we are modern people, and no one will insist on a certain way of eating your favorite dish. With a knife and fork, or with your hands, from an expensive dish, board, napkin, or directly from a cardboard box - you are free to choose your personal way of dealing with the cake. If you want to diversify and complement the taste, you can pour the pie on top of the sauce, or just dip a slice in it. Choose right now the custom cake that you prefer, and we will quickly prepare it for you and give it personally.

What does Ossetian pie go with?

In terms of drinks, you can choose everything that you love. It is unlikely, of course, that you should drink meat pie with black coffee, or sweet berry with beer, but there will certainly be lovers of such unusual combinations. Purchased juices are a drink familiar to everyone, and we will be happy to bring you the juice of your choice, but still recommend choosing natural fruit drinks of our own production. Order lunch with home delivery and get everything you need. If during the lunch break at work you want to not only eat, but also to cheer up - we will bring you an energy drink. Well, for a pleasant evening after work, we will supplement your order with bottled beer. If your views on drinks are more conservative - brew your favorite tea and enjoy a sweet cake.
As for sauces, we will certainly offer you some popular sauce options that we prepare ourselves, but you yourself can experiment by combining our hot cakes with the contents of the shelf of your refrigerator. Our sauces most favorably emphasize the taste of unsweetened pies, so we recommend that you try at least one of them.

At what event will the bakery cake be the most appropriate?

There are different cases in life - both joyful and sad, both special and ordinary. And always any event involves at least a small buffet table, and most often this is a real feast. Food to order in Kiev is a real salvation for the organizers of the event. Starting from a small Friday corporate party at work, and ending with a magnificent wedding - there is always a place on the table for delicious pies. Pay attention to our promotions and discounts on pies - we constantly try to please our customers, making our service even more accessible to everyone. With our help, you can easily kill two birds with one stone - and save, and delight guests with truly delicious food that combines all the best from the skill of professional chefs and the soulfulness of home baking.

Birthdays of adults and children, anniversaries, corporate parties, weddings - you have probably heard about the special tradition associated with two or three Ossetian cakes laid on top of each other - our pastries are always appropriate. Even if you were invited to an event and you do not know what to please the hosts with, in addition to a bottle of good wine, order a pie from us. It will be delivered to you literally before you effectively appear on the threshold with a fresh hot pie in your hands. The surprise of other guests and the gratitude of the hosts are guaranteed. Order pies for the holidays in Kiev in our bakery!