Movie, movie, movie… .. Where did it all begin?

Movie, movie, movie… .. Where did it all begin?
Not to mention, but cinema plays an important role in our lives. It is not only able to influence our emotional state, but sometimes even helps to find a way out of this or that situation. But its main purpose is to give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy watching your favorite tape.
Modern cinema is represented by a wide variety of genres of cinema: from animated cartoon to mystical thriller. Everyone can choose their own cinema to taste. Do you know when the first movie came out and who was behind it? The founders of the movie are considered to be the Lumiere brothers, who were the first to create equipment that could shoot moving objects. This invention was called "cinematograph". The first screening of the film took place in 1985 in Paris. It was a 50-second tape, called "Factory Workers". At the time, everyone regarded such moving pictures as just fun entertainment, but in 1902, Georges Méliès, director of the Paris Theater, began to make scripted films with a thoughtful plot.
It should be noted that the first movie was black and white and silent, but still popular comedies with the participation of Charlie Chaplin. A cheerful korotun in a hat hat, with a funny mustache and a cane in his hands was a good cheerful audience and always caused a stir.
In the mid-20th century, color cinema began to emerge, gradually black and white displacing the background.

Movies with figs

Apparently, there is no person who does not like to watch movies. Someone likes to go to the movies to the cinema and be the first to see all the new things. Of course, the sound, atmosphere and atmosphere in such a place make the viewing experience fascinating and even more impressive, yet there are those who prefer watching movies at home over a TV or computer screen.
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