How should you eat in the spring?

How should you eat in the spring?
Diseases arise from different reasons, but some of them have rather similar indicators. Why do you think people start to feel worse precisely with the onset of spring? The number of colds is increasing. There are enough reasons for this. Changes in weather, slush, cold wind, lack of vitamin base after winter, insufficient activity and, of course, winter nutrition.
Unfortunately, we cannot change the weather conditions of our own free will, we can adjust the diet. In winter, we tend to choose more nutritious and high-calorie meals. Of course, we are not now generalizing all people on the planet. Part of the population still adheres to the rules of a healthy diet regardless of the season, but still the majority forget about this important point.
Establishing a diet does not mean becoming an energetic and completely healthy person in a day, but the result will be visible in a week.

What should be the spring food?

Of course, the lack of vitamins after winter is too loud words. Indeed, in our body they are, but their number is not happy. Therefore, if you do not want to go to the hospital with various diseases of the immune system, then you should limit yourself to some products. By the end of winter, our body very strongly feels the lack of nutrients, especially vitamin C. Doctors are also sure that you need to pay special attention to this group of vitamins D, E, A, D2, B1.
Agree, it is unrealistic to constantly sit and count the amount of nutrients in products, you just need to diversify your meals. Add more fruits, vegetables, berries, legumes, eggs, cereals, cereals, oils, and fats. Also, don't forget about meat and fish.
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Success secrets

If you want to get the most out of your food, then you should pay attention to the following secrets.
1. Try to store food properly. At least sometimes think about the grocery neighborhood.
2. Do not leave berries, fruits and herbs in the water.
3. Eat more sauerkraut and pickles, because this is where you will find the vitamins the body needs.
4. Do not speed up the process of defrosting meat and fish. This should be done gradually on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, and not in water, as they used to do.
5. Give up at least for a while from fried foods. Make your choice in favor of the oven.