Combo menu: the larger the order, the greater the discount!

Combo menu: the larger the order, the greater the discount!
Do you like a tasty and satisfying meal in a warm company of friends, employees or family circle? Then this proposition from the Ossetian bakery "Three Pies" is exactly what you need!
A combo menu is a balanced combination of tastes of various fillings and such a beloved Coca-Cola. Thanks to the opportunity to choose one of three options, customers who order delivery of Ossetian pies can have a great time, quench their appetite and save from 100 to 200 hryvnias !!!

Meet the combo menu for a quick snack

Promotional kits offered by the Ossetian bakery “Three Pies” are a full-fledged meal for several people. Depending on how large the company is, customers can order delivery in Kiev:
  • Combo-set number 1 consists of two types of cakes with a diameter of 22 centimeters. This is the best choice for two very hungry people or a wonderful snack for four friends / colleagues.
The filling of one pie consists of pork with baked fresh vegetables and greens. The composition of the second includes Suluguni cheese, chicken fillet and traditional Caucasian greens. One liter of coca-cola is attached to all this set of fragrant hot baking. Ordering this set with delivery to any district of Kiev will cost 100 hryvnia cheaper if you buy pies and drink separately;
  • Combo-set number 2 - the best option to dine in the company of three to six people and enjoy the taste of three original Ossetian pies at once.
The first filling consists of chicken fillet, suluguni and greens, the second of baked cheese, mushrooms and fresh herbs, and the third is filled with pieces of tender veal, aromatic Caucasian greens and hot Jalapeño pepper. A pleasant surprise will be two liters of Coca-Cola, which is also included in this kit. Savings when buying a combo-set number 2 is 130 hryvnia;
  • Combo set number 3 - the best offer from the Ossetian bakery "Three Pies" for a very large company. Four fragrant hot pies with completely different fillings are included in the package.
The first will allow you to enjoy the delicate taste of chicken fillet, baked under a thin crust with hot and sweet peppers. The second will give true delight to connoisseurs of Caucasian cuisine, since the generous stuffing contains pieces of lean lamb and veal, as well as incredibly hot Jalapeño peppers.
Well, connoisseurs of more delicate original flavors will surely like cheese pies. One of them includes a lot of juicy spinach, in the second tomatoes and classic Caucasian greens. The bonus is 3 liters of Coca-cola and the opportunity to save 200 hryvnia during lunch or dinner.

Real Ossetian pies with delivery: enjoy every day with new taste!

The bakery "Three Pies" is a service for the delivery of fresh hot pastries in Kiev. You can order delivery to any address, even to work, even home. Combo-menu is a good offer for those who know a lot about Ossetian pies, want to eat quickly and tasty, save their own time and money!