Lifehacks for cleaning the kitchen

Lifehacks for cleaning the kitchen
Every housewife, especially the one who loves to cook, faces the problem of cleaning the kitchen daily. A mountain of dishes, a tile in a greasy coating, a gas stove in a soot, the floor… brrrr. And if your guests were still there, you would have to remove twice as long and longer. We've decided to pick up proven lifehacks for you to help you cook so you don't have to clean up afterwards. And so let's start.

Tip # 1. Use a food film. But not to wrap it in products, but to cover it with the work surface on which you are going to work. This way, your table will remain clean, and everything that has fallen on it will easily go with the film in the trash. In order for it to be better unwound and more closely to the table, put it not for long in the refrigerator, and spray the surface with water.

Tip # 2. If you like to use a food processor, but can't stand it when meat or vegetable splashes are scattered throughout the kitchen, then you can use a special flap that can be placed near the meat grinder and plate. Such a damper can be a nice cardboard, a soft stand for hot food or something else you will find in the kitchen.

Tip # 3. When using a blender or mixer, you may also encounter the problem of liquid spilling over to avoid this, we suggest that you use a regular disposable plate. You need to cut two or one holes in its center, depending on which device you are using, and pull out the whisking whiskers on the inside and insert the device directly from the outside. And all, you can knock down, and the plate, in turn, will protect not only your kitchen from dirt, but also the clothes in which you cook.

Tip # 4. To prevent your gas stove from getting so dirty, you can cover it with foil bypassing the hotplates. This way, the food and fat that used to fall directly onto the plate will fall onto the foil, which you will then simply throw away.

Tip # 5: Few people know, but the hole in the pan of your skillet is the perfect place to shovel while cooking. Turning chops, pancakes, etc., you do not need to put a spatula on a table or a plate, slide it vertically into this opening and thus you will not contaminate the table in the kitchen.

Tip # 6: Use paper towels. Do not leave the pan or leaf until you wash it, and wipe it immediately with a cloth. This way you can handle fat well and not have to waste time to wash it when it's already cold.

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