The best natural antibiotics

The best natural antibiotics
Winter is a time of cold and colds. In order not to fall into the hands of various diseases, you need to properly protect your body. To do this, you should do exercises every morning. Drink a lot of fluids, stay in the cold air less, ventilate the premises, well, of course, eat well, and do not forget about vitamins. There are a lot of them in our pies, especially in sweet fillings. After all, Ossetian pies with berries and fruits are not only very tasty and nutritious, but also healthy. You can also choose pies with meat, cheese, fish and even vegetarian ones. Our chefs put a piece of their soul into every creation. The fillings are always satisfying, tasty, aromatic and attractive, and the dough is thin and soft. We deliver Ossetian pies throughout Kiev and even to offices for lunch breaks. The food will arrive to you very quickly and in perfect hot condition, as if only from the oven.
But if it suddenly happened that you did not save yourself from viruses, then you do not need to panic. A runny nose or a cough started, it doesn't matter. After all, all these initial symptoms of the disease can be cured with natural antibiotics.
It turns out that horseradish root can be very helpful with the first signs of a cold. When rubbed, its components combine, and thus a natural antibiotic is born. It is excellent at fighting germs in the nose, mouth and throat. If your cough or bronchitis does not go away for a very long time, then you should mix one tablespoon of grated horseradish with three tablespoons of honey. Take a teaspoon five times a day. Just make sure that all this mixture dissolves in your mouth.
Cranberries cleanse the bladder of germs and act as a very powerful antibiotic. Cranberry gently and reverently treats our cells and perfectly protects them from the effects of free radicals. It is considered to be one of the most irreplaceable things that is needed in the fight against colds.
Everyone knows about this miracle cure. We have heard from childhood that we need to eat garlic in order not to get sick. This is all true, because it helps to remove viruses and bacteria from the blood, respiratory tract and, of course, from internal organs. It also prevents blood clots from developing. Few people know, but garlic has anti-cancer properties. You can often hear that garlic can cure a hundred diseases. And indeed it is.
Few people know, but basil can also be safely called a natural antibiotic, because it protects our body from harmful bacteria.
Previously, blueberries were used as a pain reliever. After all, she has aspirin in her. And he, in turn, reduces pain and eliminates the effects of chronic inflammation. Blueberries act like the antibiotics we are used to. It helps to avoid the development of infections.