Our Kiev

Our Kiev
It is difficult to find a person who does not know that there is such a country as Ukraine. Not always thanks to the good news, but our country is spoken about all over the world. Of course there are good events that attract many tourists to our country. And of course to our capital. To the city of Kiev.

A bit of history

Kiev is the capital and largest city in Ukraine. Throughout its history, the city of Kiev managed to visit the capital of Kievan Rus, the Ukrainian People’s Republic, and the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. And since 1991 it has become the capital of our independent Ukraine. According to all historical sources, the city is named after Kiy, one of the founders.

The city is very beautiful and full of various attractions. It attracts tourists at different times of the year. In our country, of course, there are many beautiful cities. Rather, not a lot, but all. But still no city can be compared with the capital. Situated on two sides of the Dnieper, it stretched for many square kilometers, covering beaches and parks.

One of the most beautiful periods to visit Kiev is, of course, the flowering of chestnuts. Like sakura blossoms in Japan, chestnut blossoms turn the city into a fairy tale. Despite the large number of people living in this city, being in it is easy.

Everything is organized here for people. Of course, you can’t do without fuss and traffic jams. But such is life in a big city. In any case, sometimes you need to stop and rest. Go to your favorite place or just order food at home. At the moment, more and more open various institutions of European, Chinese, Japanese cuisine. But we are sure that even in such a big city as Kiev, you will find many establishments that bake real Ossetian pies. Do you agree?

Of course, almost every institution has a food delivery service in Kiev. Each institution strives to be the first in this direction. Someone puts priority on delivery speed, someone carries it around the clock. During this competition, everyone invents his own tactics. We carry out high-quality food delivery in Kiev. We do not make you wait more than the promised time. If for some reason we are a little late, we will definitely warn you. It is important for us not just to bring you an order, but to do everything possible so that you continue to make orders only with us. We don’t want you to look for other places, to travel around such a big city in search of your favorite dish. We want you to tell your friends who came to our city to visit the “THREE PIES” pie.

We love our city very much, we, like you, love to enjoy the flowering of chestnuts. We like to walk along beautiful streets, squares, admire the Dnieper and walk in parks. And we want to one more favorite place in such a huge metropolis. And so that our pirogue becomes this place.