Our team knows its job

Our team knows its job
The Three Pies bakery in Kiev offers to try real Ossetian pies prepared according to an old recipe. All dishes are prepared exclusively from environmentally friendly and fresh products. The fillings are: meat, mushrooms, vegetables, cheese, salmon. To prepare the dough use: water, yeast, flour.

The secret to the success of our team

Specialists of our team studied in North Ossetia the skill of preparing unique dishes under the guidance of Aslan Abaev, who from the age of seven learned to cook delicious Ossetian pies. The secret of traditional dishes to the chef was conveyed by his grandmother.
In addition to traditional dishes, the chef has developed and introduced many innovations to surprise and pamper our customers. He trained all the staff in his secret skills, keeping secret the success and popularity of delicious Ossetian pies.

How did our bakery gain tremendous popularity among the people of Kiev?

Would you like to taste dishes of Caucasian cuisine? It is definitely worth ordering delicious Ossetian pies in our bakery! Why exactly with us? A bakery has many advantages:
• Delivery of Ossetian pies to any point in Kiev within a short period of time.
• The cooking process is carried out exclusively from fresh and quality products. We care about the health of our customers.
• Delicious and fragrant pies can not be compared with more than one such baking. We always deliver only hot dishes prepared by our highly qualified specialists. Having tasted our Ossetian pies once, you will become our constant admirer. We are ready to conquer the most selective gourmet.
• Our pies are not only rich and fragrant, they perfectly replace pizza, sushi or other alternative pastries. Moreover, our dishes will not only quickly saturate the stomach, but also enrich the body with a mass of useful trace elements and minerals.
• For birthday parties there are pleasant discounts on the birthday of 15% on all menus, and the age of the birthday person is not important. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays there are pleasant promotional offers at certain hours. We have a loyalty program that will help not only eat deliciously, but also save money.
• Our affordable prices will pleasantly surprise all visitors. We try to cook so tasty that every resident of Kiev wants to visit us more than once.
• Ossetian pies are real and exquisite, cooked according to traditional recipes of the Caucasus. Our chef is a resident of Ossetia, he transferred his skills to a team of professionals, who are constantly trying to please the delicious dishes of all Kiev residents.
• Each visitor to the Three Pies bakery will certainly not remain indifferent from the matchless Ossetian cheese and suluguni.
For a relatively short period of time, our team has won the hearts of all lovers of delicious Caucasian cuisine.

Why is it worth trying Ossetian pies?

Our traditional dishes are not only tasty, but also healthy food. Making delivery of pies in Kiev, we recommend you to try them with different fillings. Then it will be possible to discover a lot of new and unusual. All dishes do not contain harmful dyes and additional additives. From the huge number of many dishes on offer, it is easy to choose exactly those Ossetian pies whose ingredients will be to your liking.
Fragrant dishes can be quickly ordered through our call center operators. Our couriers are the fastest. With wind speed, peerless pies will be delivered to your table while still hot. Dishes always bring happiness, prosperity and good fortune to every home. They are rightfully considered a symbol of life!