Unusual methods of using yeast

Unusual methods of using yeast
Everyone knows the most popular way to use yeast, namely cooking. Pies, pies, croissants, buns, and more, many different pastries do not do without this important ingredient. We want to tell you where, besides bakery products, yeast can be used.

In cosmetology

Yeast in the care of hair and body is becoming very popular. Because they are a great source of oxygen, they are great for skin elasticity and even help eliminate wrinkles. Many women have already tested their effect on themselves and the result is truly impressive. In fact, simple yeast in combination with honey and milk help eliminate excess gloss, normalize sebaceous gland function and activate local metabolism. If you also decide to try their action and want to make a face mask at home, here are some guidelines:
1) Yeast is a fast product that quickly fights skin problems, but quickly loses its properties as a component of any mask. Therefore it is necessary to prepare a mask for one application, in a small amount and to use it immediately. Remember, these types of cosmetics are non-volatile.
2) Choose high quality and fresh yeast. Do not forget that they need a warm environment to show their action. Therefore, do not in any case fill them with boiling water, use water of body temperature. Otherwise, you will simply kill all their useful properties.
3) Apply a mask with a thick layer and keep on face for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. This will give you the desired wow effect.
4) If you want to further enhance the effect of the mask, cosmetologists advise to put a napkin on the applied texture on the face, and on it - a towel soaked in warm water. A warm environment will enhance the action of the fungus.
5) As with all cosmetics, the mask should be applied in a comprehensive way, ie take a course of 10-15 uses. Then, to avoid addiction, we recommend replacing it with another facial.
Yeast masks can also make your hair soft and silky, since they contain a lot of protein and B vitamins that are so needed by our hair, especially during the cold season. There are many recipes for masks based on this ingredient. It is also a herbal mask, with added to the yeast a decoction of chamomile and rapeseed oil, and honey consisting of mustard, honey and yeast, as well as gelatin. Each of them saturates the hair with vitamins, strengthens the roots, nourishes dry curls and promotes active circulation. So whatever recipe you choose, in any case, you will only benefit your hair.

In medicine

In pharmacology began to use this product after discovering its ability to improve the metabolism of the body. Not only does brewer's yeast improve appetite, they are also great for treating ulcers, gastritis, pancreatitis and more. Gastrointestinal diseases. They are also shown in heart disease, anemia, diabetes and intoxication.

Yeast in our pies

We use this product purely in the culinary field, for the preparation of Ossetian pies. The quality of the yeast also depends on the quality of the dough, so we use the best and freshest yeast. Our delicious pies have already been admired by thousands for their taste and availability, because the price of pies in Kiev is quite pleasant and delivery will not wait long.