Do we need wisdom teeth?

Do we need wisdom teeth?
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Let's move on to the wisdom tooth

Why do we need them?

For a long time, people believed and were sure that wisdom teeth appear only when a person is ready to protect his family from attacks. It is a symbol of wisdom, strength and intelligence. Interestingly, a man who grew four of these unique teeth automatically became a guardian of his kind. It was very honorable.
Of course, in our time it is no longer possible to use this belief. We don't need keepers. As they say, times go by, people change. Therefore, today they came up with a new meaning. They say that a good man should have wisdom teeth. This is an indicator that he often thinks about the future and is ready for family life.
But the most interesting fact is that a modern person does not need wisdom teeth at all. Since evolution, they have lost their properties. After all, we no longer need to chew such hard meat as our ancestors. Most people eat soft foods.
You can hear that these teeth are very often called rudiments. Scientists give this name to unnecessary parts of our body that have long lost their purpose. Did you know that in fifteen percent of the population of our Planet, wisdom teeth do not even erupt. Moreover, such an element of our jaw is not even planned in our body. That is why wisdom teeth will soon disappear altogether.
But there are also 85% of people who now suffer from these teeth. They very often bring discomfort to life due to severe pain. They are almost impossible to treat and difficult to get rid of. All doctors believe that they need to be removed, because wisdom teeth not only bring negative sensations, but also spoil the whole picture of our teeth. They can easily correct our beautiful smile or even displace the tooth we need.