Easter - The Resurrection of Christ

Easter - The Resurrection of Christ
Easter is the most revered and also a good holiday, a “holiday of holidays”, it is celebrated in honor of the resurrection of the son of God - Jesus. And this Sunday is considered the day of the salvation of the planet and humanity, as well as the day when good conquered evil, and life prevailed over death.

The Sunday of Christ is primarily considered by people as the memory of Christ's sacrifice for the sake of all mankind, and its bright resurrection. Every year, the date of celebration of this holiday changes, but it is always easy to calculate.

If you listen to the Orthodox customs and traditions - Easter comes at twelve o'clock in the morning with the beginning of rule in the church. Since ancient times in the villages on Easter night, the construction of the temple was decorated with various lights, and lights were planted near it. The parishioners took the coals from the fires and placed them in their houses in order to protect the housing from lightning or fire, and those who had weapons shot from it, thus guaranteeing successful fishing throughout the year.

Easter in other countries

In European countries, the week before the holiday, as well as the week after, is considered a vacation for most schoolchildren and students. A large number of European countries celebrate the Holy Resurrection of Christ, and the first Easter day is nothing but church and state holidays, and of course the weekend. In England, Germany, Croatia, and in many other countries, Friday is also considered a municipal weekend.

Let's find out how this day is celebrated in other countries.
• In the UK, Bright (Christ) Sunday is considered more significant than Christmas. On Easter Eve, all educational institutions (without exception) in the state stop their work for two weeks. Easter rule ends at twelve in the morning. After the end of the service everyone exchanges congratulations and good wishes. In temples, instead of decorations, tree branches with swollen buds, daffodils, and of course dyes are used. This day, basically, everyone spends surrounded by close people, eat an Easter cake, and share among themselves chocolate eggs and other goodies.
• In Italians, Easter is considered the most adored celebration. This holiday is celebrated with the family, an Easter meal is organized, eaten in decorated eggs, cheese casserole, and also a Neapolitan cake. In addition, for this holiday, a young sheep or a kid is fried
• In Australia, Easter is usually celebrated only in the fresh air - in nature. Residents of this country think that it is on this festive day that the air becomes more purified, and the water becomes similar to holy water. The main solemn dish is considered to be roasted lamb or chickens, and among the sweet, meringue occupies an honorable place, beautifully decorated with fruits or berries. Australians are constantly preparing chocolate eggs for Easter. The most common are testicles in the bunny version. In addition, every year they hold a huge number of carnivals of balloons, with the image of Easter eggs.
• In the United States of America, this day is celebrated according to different traditions, as this state is multinational. In many towns, street processions take place. There is a custom - the kids come to the White House and take part in the competition - who exactly then will roll the testicle down the meadow. The classic American Easter menu is as follows: meat, potatoes, fruits and vegetables. The sign of Easter in the United States is a beautiful flower - a lily.
• The Spaniards begin the celebration with a service in the early morning, and end with a family dinner with boiled eggs and pies for every taste. For a week before the holiday in Spain, Semana Santa flows, we have this period called Holy Week. In this period of the year, civilian institutions stop working. On the streets there are processions, people who take part in them are dressed in unusual outfits.
• The main dish on this day in France is the fried chicken. On his eve, multi-colored ribbons, tinsel, small bells and other elements of the festive decor are hung on all residential buildings. Small chocolate eggs, chocolate figures of hens, chickens and rabbits appear on sale in all the country's shopping centers. Early in the morning on Easter day, father and mother hide eggs in the garden, and the kids, when they wake up, go in search of them. Children share sweets with those present at Easter breakfast.

How to celebrate Easter in our country

Ukrainians set the table for a family celebration with special trepidation. It must definitely have fresh flowers. The place of honor on the solemn dining table is Easter and Krashanka. In addition to these dishes, almost every hostess has ready-made classic, as well as solemnly adored solemn dishes in the family.
The main ornaments for decorating eggs are: patterns with elements of sheets from a tree, the sun, clouds and various animals. The drawings of a rooster or a rabbit, a celestial body, and others are considered classic.

No matter how rich and varied the assortment of dishes on the table is, breakfast should begin with Easter (Easter cake). And pieces of Easter cake that were scattered on the floor, in no case can not be thrown into the trash, it is best to feed the chickens or pets. The shredded hump of this baking, according to ancient customs, was preserved as a talisman that delivers well-being.

There is a huge selection of Easter fun. More common at present - children (not necessarily children, adults can take part) take eggs and beat them one in another. Whose egg breaks, that participant is considered a loser.
Unfortunately, this year, Ukrainians, as well as residents of other countries, will not be able to go to church and dedicate Easter. Also, you can’t get out with friends. But this has its advantages! You can spend this holiday with your family. As an option - prepare a festive breakfast or dinner. And if you do not want to stand for a long time at the stove, call us and order Ossetian pies with home delivery. A wide range of delicious pies will not leave anyone indifferent, and your household will thank you. We care about our customers, so we have contactless delivery every day, couriers will leave cakes wherever you say without a personal meeting. Bon appetit and happy Easter! Happy holiday, friends!