Cocoa Secrets

Cocoa Secrets
Today we will talk about drinks. We all know that our century is famous for the dynamic rhythm of work. Everyone is always in a hurry somewhere. People work tirelessly. Not even enough time for basic things. Not to mention just to enjoy life and relax, well, at least sometimes. Spend more time with family and friends. People very often forget what a smile is and how to handle it. After all, if we see a cheerful person on the street, then what do we think? Yes, that's right, he's crazy. Of course, now it’s fashionable to be busy around the clock.
Women now happen to be occupied more than men, but their housework will not do itself. Imagine women come as tired as men, but they never sit on a chair and do not expect to be served. They restrainedly, slightly holding their legs, go to the kitchen to cook something tasty for lunch.
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Ossetian pies - cocoa - milk
Our famous Ossetian pies can be tasted with cocoa. So, many people love this drink and consider it the best. And some say that it should not be consumed. So, let's focus on this business.
Cocoa with milk is the perfect drink. He will always warm you, give warmth. It will cheer you up and improve your well-being. It will also increase your concentration on some important meetings for you. And here are a few reasons why you should drink this particular drink.
Cocoa will wake your mind
Many doctors advise replacing coffee. This is the perfect mix to start a productive day. Especially if your work is related to mental activity. Cocoa is the so-called antidepressant. It will relieve stress from your body.
Improves your memory
It's not just that children at school are given the opportunity to drink cocoa with milk. After all, it is not only very tasty, but not anyhow how good for health and memory. Cocoa reduces the risk of brain aging.
Good for muscle
Cocoa with milk is also very beneficial for athletes to drink. As after training, and independently of it. It relaxes muscles after very difficult workouts and reduces stress for the body.
Strengthens blood vessels
Cocoa contains flavonoids, which in turn strengthen the walls of your blood vessels very well. They also prevent the development of cardiovascular disease and stabilize blood pressure. In this case, doctors recommend drinking hot chocolate, which in addition to the popular cocoa contains a large amount of sugar and healthy saturated fats.
Contributes to weight loss
A huge number of people are sure that if you drink cocoa, you will look like a barrel. Therefore, they do not use it. But is it?
So the calorie content in cocoa is not small. But despite this fact, there is no risk of gaining weight from him. Cocoa will cope with your hunger. It will easily quench it and give you a feeling of fullness. And this means that you will want to eat much less. Calorie intake will fall. After that, you yourself look at the grand result of losing weight.
How to make cocoa in the garden
According to statistics, a very large number of people over 30 remember the taste of cocoa with milk that they were given in the garden. They are sure that this drink is made under strict supervision and according to a secret recipe. Indeed, many housewives cannot convey this taste.

So, we will reveal to you this secret. Enjoy it!
For cooking, you will need: 200 g of milk, 2 teaspoons of cocoa and 1 teaspoon of sugar. Please do not make it more chocolate and add more sugar. This is the ideal proportion for cooking.

First, you need to pour cocoa and sugar in one vessel. Then add a little hot milk and mix until everything has melted. Remember to break the lumps.

The next thing to do is pour in all the remaining milk, while stirring, until boiling. When all this is done, you can safely remove from the fire. Allow to cool slightly.
If you want cocoa and milk to turn out a little dietary. You can dilute milk with water. But do not take milk from the recipe at all. Cooked cocoa on the water is not tasty.