Sweet Ossetian pies: an exquisite dessert for real gourmets

Sweet Ossetian pies: an exquisite dessert for real gourmets
Caucasian cuisine is incredibly delicious pies with cheese, vegetable or meat stuffing. As well as fragrant sweet pastries, which can be the main treat at the festive table. The chef of the Ossetian bakery "Three Pies" has created several ideal combinations of tastes to please connoisseurs of Caucasian cuisine with something sweet after a hearty lunch. These are the most demanded products of the bakery, and therefore sweets should take care to order Ossetian pies with a favorite filling with delivery to any district of Kiev in advance.

Sweet Ossetian pies: find your favorite flavor!

The bakery menu offers several types of pastries with sweet fillings. And each cake, while worthy of attention, since it has an original, incomparable taste:
Pie with natural homemade cottage cheese, fresh raisins and candied fruit is an ideal treat for children and those who adhere to a healthy diet. Also, he certainly will like vegetarians who do not reject dairy products. The tremendous aroma and taste allows it to become the main treat at the quick organization of the celebration of the birthday of employees or other special events;
Apple cinnamon pie - the classic taste of sweet Ossetian treat will not leave anyone indifferent. Fragrant filling awakens the appetite and allows you to finish any meal on a positive note. A harmonious addition to this lunch or dinner will be fresh fruit juice, prepared by the chef according to his own unique recipe;
Pear cake with sweet almonds is able to conquer the heart of a gourmet with just one smell. And after the first tidbit, it becomes a “love” for life! It is the best substitute for high-calorie, fatty, high-fat cakes, thanks to a thin, well-baked crust of light dough, cooked without eggs. And the advantage of this sweet Ossetian pie is the undoubted benefit to the body of a surprisingly harmonious combination of the taste of ripe pear and roasted nuts;
Fruit cake, in the filling of which is a fruit and berry mix of apples, pears, cherries and strawberries. This is a great treat for guests who have suddenly arrived, delegations of business partners, important customers or children. Even one small piece can give a good mood and satisfy the hunger of even the most hungry person;
Sweet Ossetian pie with ripe cherries and poppy seeds is a harmonious combination of tastes, familiar to every Ukrainian since childhood. The uniqueness of this pastry lies in the original traditional recipe and the use of the Three Pies bakery by the chefs of this wood-burning oven. Thanks to the observance of all necessary conditions, the cakes are unusually fragrant and tasty. And, natural fruit drinks made from fresh berries help to make the enjoyment of food even more powerful.
Sweet Caucasian pastries - this is your opportunity to quickly organize a festive table, without making special efforts and without spending free time. All you need to do is order a quick delivery of sweet Ossetian pies directly to your office or home.