You have never heard of this

You have never heard of this
We all love and worship such food as mushroom. We add it to different dishes, cook it, stew it, fry it. We do whatever the soul desires. But few people know what a mushroom is. It is a plant or an animal. People often get to the hospital from the fact that they know nothing about this killer taste. Today I want to tell a lot of interesting and unknown, dispel some myths and tell about legends. After all, mushrooms are gaining popularity among Ukrainians. We made these conclusions based on real facts. A striking example of this is that our delicious Ossetian mushroom pies are extremely popular. And it is not in vain, because we do for you only the most delicious and the most useful.
Interesting and unknown
Not many people know, but our most delicious and popular mushrooms are older than dinosaurs. Scientists have proven that they are extremely ancient organisms. They have existed for about 400 million years. Interestingly, these are the oldest inhabitants of the planet, who lived with the oldest ferns. Their difference is that the fern has changed and adapted to live in a new world, and mushrooms, in turn, remain inaccessible and have not changed in our time. Mushrooms are long-lived. They are extremely tenacious. They grow everywhere, despite the conditions. Mushrooms can exist in such unrealistic conditions that it is not believed. They live both in living organisms and on earth, even at an altitude of 30,000 meters above the ground. It is unrealistic, but mushrooms can withstand all types of irradiation and can even live in sulfuric acid. Scientists have found mushrooms even inside the Chernobyl reactor. The radiation provided them with the sun that became necessary for development.
Very interesting, where are the mushrooms? Are they plants or animals? This is the cause of much discussion among people. Some believe it is a plant. But, oddly enough, mushrooms are not considered plants. Due to the fact that no one knows what it is, they have personally identified a special kingdom - mushrooms. Few people know, but mushrooms, like animals, eat only ready-made organic substances. But the affinity of mushrooms with plants is that they grow throughout their lives. Interestingly, it is still not possible to count all mushrooms. There are so many of them. They have the title of the most diverse creatures on our planet.
Mushrooms are very useful. They have been used as medicine since ancient times. Now in many houses in our country you can find the so-called tea mushroom. Such fungus boosts immunity and fights inflammatory diseases. It was the mushrooms that discovered the antibiotics that save our lives. Mushrooms are also very useful because they are rich in protein and less carbohydrates. These products do not contain cholesterol and animal fat. This is a healthier meat alternative. Mushrooms are also extremely rich in vitamins B1, B2, D, selenium, potassium, niacin and antioxidants. So, we made sure that the filling of our delicious Ossetian pies is no less useful. So do not delay, go to the site and order the best pies in the capital, because we have available delivery all over Kiev.