Top best books to be filmed in 2021

Top best books to be filmed in 2021
Still wondering what to do in your free time, watch a movie or read a book? Why choose one thing. It often happens that the film is much better done than it was in the books. There is also a film adaptation, completely changing the plot of the book.
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Back to the books, Dune is one of Frank Herbert's finest novels. It was already screened at 84, but the film is very crumpled with a lot of detail. He was not good for a blockbuster. In 2021, they decided to reshoot Dune. We hope it will come out, because the atmosphere of the incredible planet Arrakis must not only be felt, but also seen. The intricate, complex plot of the book is worthy of a suitable adaptation.
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The book gives each reader the opportunity to feel the very atmosphere of the pioneer camp in the 80s. The famous combination of adorably ideal guys and violators of the regime in the novel by Alexei Ivanov will lead your senses to genuine pleasure. The screen version will be in series format in May, don't miss it.
If you are a lover of dystopia, then Zamyatin's novel "We" is your best choice. For some unknown reason, there hasn't been a film adaptation of this amazing book until this year. The plot of the film, which will be released very soon, is fully consistent with the events in the book. “We” is a story about the future. People no longer have names, they only have numbers. Absolutely everyone lives by strict rules, but at the same time, their life can easily be called happy. Everything was the same with one of the main characters until the moment of meeting with future love, under the number I-330.
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It will be a kind of remake of Guests from the Future. It's just made on a modern theme. The director tried to correct all the sins of Soviet cinema. New special effects will give the film its own flavor.