Everyday inspiration for home and work

Everyday inspiration for home and work
Is it possible to sincerely admire what you do every day? When the days are alike and everything happens the same from morning to evening, how can you find in yourself a sincere love for your work? Actually, yes. Some people are lucky to find work that brings pleasure in many aspects, and not only in terms of realizing oneself as an adult self-supporting person. And here the matter is not in creativity, and not in the ease and ease of work. At least not at first glance. For example, it is difficult to find any advantages in the profession of a loader, but this work attracts someone precisely because of its simplicity and the absence of the need to make any mental efforts. Surely the greatest joy in this work is a lunch in which you can eat deliciously, having previously ordered the cake with delivery.

Complex professions that require years of training, such as a doctor or a lawyer, can attract only directly material rewards, but a person who goes into these professions for money is unlikely to stay there for long. Before becoming a highly paid specialist, it takes years of study and then a low-paid internship, monotonous and tedious work in order to really start to earn good money sometime. But only people who have a craving for these specialties are capable of this. A lawyer can deal with all the intricacies of laws and the human factor only when he catches the fire, and a good doctor must manage to mix scientific approach and humanity, not allowing cynicism to prevail.

Each work can become both happiness and a curse, depending on the person’s personality and how much he has cultivated the right approach to the profession. Of course, a lot also depends on the working conditions, because putting unnecessary efforts means spending time absolutely not on what is needed.

Pie creativity and inspiration of our cooks

The profession of a cook can also be very controversial. Take an angry and tired dining cook who is forced to work every day in conditions of insufficient funding, unable to cook something really interesting and tasty for her pleasure, which has cheap mincemeat, of which, with all the tricks, you can’t make tasty meatballs, schoolchildren who twist from her cooking - it is unlikely she will say that this is the work of her dreams. Maybe she would like to create, make food to order in Kiev, and not cheap meatballs in a rural school, but reality is difficult to change, and you won’t leave the children hungry.

Another thing is when a person is in his place, and when he has access to all the best and freshest products, to professional kitchen appliances, when the kitchen is always perfectly clean by the efforts of specially hired and trained personnel, and when all that is required is to create delicious dishes to the delight of yourself and your customers. When there is always the opportunity to come up with something new, interesting, and translate it into reality. Our chefs chose to work in our kitchens, because the Three Pies bakery network takes care of both customers and their native employees. Daily inspiration and satisfaction with the results of their work should be present for everyone who wants to do their job well. And that is why our Ossetian pies in Kiev are one of the best, if not the best. Try it, let yourself relax today, make an order in our pie. Call, place your order through the basket - we are always ready to please you with delicious pies with a variety of fillings.