Vegetarians, who are they?

Vegetarians, who are they?
Our Ossetian pies are the most popular in the capital, but why are people so fond of us? Maybe because we put a piece of our heart into the preparation of this beauty, or maybe because we do not spare the filling. We always have it hearty and juicy, well, or because our dough is very soft, but also crunchy and thin. There is a rule in our bakery - less dough, more filling. We do everything for your convenience. Our team keeps up to date, so you can order Ossetian pies for vegetarians from us. Hmm, who are they and what do we even know about them?

What kind of people are they and what do they want?

Let's do an experiment. Call your grandparents and ask a very interesting question: who are vegetarians? Interestingly, they will answer. Do you think your beloved old people know about such things? Most of the interviewed grandparents will not give an answer, because in their time there were no such people. Well, as it was not, they existed, only, firstly, not in large quantities, and secondly, people who did not eat animal products simply did not know that they were future trends.
So, the term vegetarians has appeared relatively recently. It began to be actively used in speech in the 19th century, and then in Europe, and as you know, European traditions come to us with a considerable delay. Up to this point, people who did not eat meat were called Pythagoreans. This name was invented for a reason, because the great mathematician ate only bread, honey and vegetables. A lot of people who wanted to achieve the same success in life also took this path. Some of them really loved animals, and could not eat them, but someone hoped that such a way of life would help him become successful. That is why a large number of people followed the lifestyle of the great mathematician. And Pythagoras, in turn, was guided by the fact that he believed very strongly in the theory of people and animals. In other words, he believed that after death, man will be an animal. Therefore, people should not eat their own kind.
In fact, to be on the other side of the picture is very difficult. Not all people are ready to keep the brand and completely abandon meat. Do you think you could refuse our juicy meat fillings in our famous Ossetian pies? Many vegetarians give up and start eating meat at parties where there is alcohol. Simply, they get drunk and forget that they are vegetarians. This was told to us by the results of a survey conducted among people who adhere to a life without meat.
A lot of vegetarians were among famous people. Maybe they knew more than us, what do you think? An amazing example is the person he knows, or at least everyone has heard. We are talking about Albert Einstein. The scientist was sure that his lifestyle helps him a lot. He believed that he had such a good memory thanks to plant foods. The scientist firmly believed that vegetarianism not only helps our body to function normally, but also supports life on our entire Planet. Although, critics do not believe in this information. They believe that the scientist was not pure vegetarians. They argue that Albert decided not to eat meat just a year before his death.
Alas, we will not know the truth for sure.
And now we will keep up to date. Vegetarianism is now at the peak of popularity, but other branches are already coming from it. For example, kangarism is a new trend in vegetarianism. People who call themselves that can afford to eat meat exclusively kangaroo. They refuse to use other types. They only eat kangaroo meat, not because they feel sorry for other animals, but this is all the same. This is not true. Such people believe that kangaroo meat is low in cholesterol and fat. In this way, people help their bodies.

Does this way of life affect the duration of a person?

Do you think centenarians were vegetarians? In such cases, they often give an example of one of the centenarians who lived in England. Imagine this man lived on plant food only one hundred and fifty-two years. And now attention, this man, aged one hundred and twenty years, has entered into a second marriage. This is unrealistic, you say, but fact is fact. Doctors are confident and argue that vegetarians rarely inflame the appendix. There is also a lower risk of getting heart disease.
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