The Magnificent Trinity Against Coronavirus

The Magnificent Trinity Against Coronavirus
As much as we want it, the coronavirus is not planning to retreat. Every day people suffer and die from this disease. How can you protect yourself and your family? Well, first you need to remember that a lot depends on our nutrition. Doctors never stop talking about the fact that our body constantly needs vitamins. Our famous and very popular Ossetian pies will do the job perfectly.
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To our famous Ossetian pies, fruit drinks of our production are perfect. They contain a huge amount of vitamins - this is your ideal choice during a pandemic. Delivery of orders is carried out throughout Kiev.

Garlic, ginger, and lemon are also great for treating cold symptoms. But can this trio save us from the coronavirus?

Now on the Internet more and more information appears on how to protect against the invasion of the virus. Some I assure you that garlic is a force that is capable of doing this, others believe in the ability of lemon, but the third is of the opinion that you are not afraid of the crown if you eat a lot of ginger. Our team even came across information that bracelets with ginger should be worn on the left arm and leg. This is something like a talisman.
It is impossible to completely refute such articles, well, in addition to amulets. Although doctors claim that garlic, ginger and lemon will not save you from the evil virus. But if you look at the situation from the other side, then glimpses of truth are immediately visible. After all, all these products strengthen our immunity, it is simply pointless to argue with this. As a result, our body becomes more powerful in the fight against the corona. After all, the disease, first of all, attacks those with a weak immune system. We conclude that garlic, lemon and ginger play an important role in the fight against the virus, but they must be consumed in moderation.

Who shouldn't eat these foods?

If you suffer from ulcers, or have problems with the intestines and stomach, then, alas, the products mentioned above are contraindicated for you. Also, be careful with ginger, as it increases blood pressure significantly and can irritate your mucous membranes. Ginger should not be consumed very often, especially when you are bored all day, it can cause diarrhea.
But lemon is contraindicated for people with high stomach acidity. Also beware those who suffer from pancreatitis. Do not forget that lemon is citrus and allergies can start from it.
Garlic should not be eaten by people with kidney disease. Also, this product increases appetite, which threatens people in quarantine who are prone to weight gain.