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Zachton sauce with garlic

Zachton sauce with garlic

Zachton sauce with garlic is Ossetian sauce, which is customary to prepare on the basis of fermented milk products with added fresh greens
  • Sour cream
  • Garlic
  • Dill
Garlic Ranch Sauce has a mild, full-bodied flavor and an appetizing aroma. They perfectly match practically the sauce with all kinds of toppings of Ossetian pies. The meat in the sauce becomes juicier, and the fish acquires an interesting piquant aftertaste. And it gives cheese and vegetables the opportunity to more clearly show their unique taste.
Chefs prepare garlic Ranch at the Ossetian bakery Three Pies using exclusively fresh products:
  • Sour cream, which makes the dish more tender and refined;
  • Garlic, saturating the tzahton with spiciness and bright aroma;
  • Dill, giving freshness to taste and harmoniously complementing the taste composition.
Garlic Ranch Sauce is the perfect complement to a hearty office lunch. Its amazing taste can be appreciated with friends, if you order delivery of Ossetian pies home. Customer service is carried out in all areas of Kiev, and therefore residents of the capital have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the taste of fresh pastries every day!
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