Flowers - decorations for any holiday

Flowers - decorations for any holiday
How to please your soul mate? According to statistics, girls show a large number of emotions from delicious food and flowers. The first one can be safely ordered from us. Our bakery knows how to pleasantly surprise. When you visit the site, you are surprised at the huge selection of different types of Ossetian pies. We have everything: from meat and fish fillings to cheese, vegetarian and even sweet fillings. The second surprise comes when you look at these low prices. Only in our bakery you can order the most delicious Ossetian pies in Kiev for such a small bag. And the third surprise will come to you when you receive your order. Let's start with the fact that we have very fast deliveries, and Ossetian pies always come to the customer in perfect hot condition.
Nowadays, buying flowers is not difficult. After all, flower shops are at every step. You can also order them with delivery. This is much more convenient.
What do we know about these plants? They are beautiful, women love them, and we know several types. But this is just a drop in the ocean. Therefore, we decided to open the curtain on this topic and find out more. Especially for you, we have selected the most interesting facts about flowers.

A fascinating journey into the world of beauty

1. Tulips are excellent flowers. They have long been favorite gifts for many women. This is a symbol of the holiday that falls on March 8th. But few people know that flowers so common today were once considered a currency. In the seventeenth century, tulip bulbs were simply impossible to obtain. And the price for them jumped like gold.
2. Our Planet can bravely show off the number of kinds of flowers. Scientists at the moment have counted more than 270 thousand. And from them 35 thousand are types of roses. But the numbers don't stop there. After all, new inhabitants of this beautiful class are opening every day.
3. Why do you love flowers? Most people's answer will be for the scent. But, alas, not all of them can boast of their smell. Amorphophallus breaks all stereotypes. After all, its aroma does not attract people, but rather scares away. After all, it is very difficult to find a lover of a rotten smell.
4. Juliet is one of the most expensive types of roses. She is unrealistically beautiful and fragrant. But such a high price was not due to these criteria. This type of rose was invented for thirteen years, and more than three million euros were spent on consumables.
5. Each person has eaten flowers at least several times in his life. Don't believe me? How do you like vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, artichokes? And they refer to flowers. And the most expensive seasoning saffron is made from crocus flowers.
6. Some flowers have acquired individual symbols. For example, a lily is life and purity. Passion, love and attractiveness are symbolized by the red rose. And we associate poppies with victory.