Blooming country - Ukraine

Blooming country - Ukraine
Ukraine is a wonderful state, which is one of the largest states in Eastern Europe. The territory of our country is still quite large, its area is 603,700 sq. Km. Ukraine is a neighbor of many countries: Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.
There are no problems with minerals, because iron, coal, manganese, natural gas, oil and so on are mined in the state. The main industries are: coal, shipbuilding, mining, steel and machine tool. In addition, Ukraine is also an agricultural country. Since ancient times, in our land they were engaged in agriculture and raised cattle.

Rest in Ukraine

The southern part of Ukraine is washed by the Black and Azov Seas, so there are no problems with the choice of a vacation spot in the Ukrainians. In summer, all families go on vacation to resort towns. The most popular of these are the following:
• Berdyansk (Zaporizhzhya region).
It is in demand due to the large assortment of housing. Here you can find it for every taste and budget.
• Primorsk (Zaporizhzhya region).
The resort is located near Berdyansk. Just like in Berdyansk, there is a large selection of housing.
• Koblevo (Nikolaev region).
Here you can not only sunbathe in the sun, but also have a good rest in the city. In Koblevo there are a large number of cafes and pizzerias, you can visit the local amusement park, or go to the cinema.
• Ochakov (Nikolaev region).
Ochakov is a family holiday city. There is a large selection of tourist centers and budget hotels.
• Odessa.
Odessa is really a pearl by the sea. It is a regional center, and its population is about 1 million people. The city has a large number of beaches, water parks, cafes, pizzerias, cinemas and theaters. Therefore, here you can eat and have fun.
• Chernomorsk, previously Illichivsk (Odessa region).
Housing here can be found both in the private sector and in the city itself. The choice of entertainment here is also very large.
• Inflow (Odessa region).
Zatoka annually receives a lot of tourists. Therefore, if you could not find accommodation in Zatoka, we suggest you go to neighboring resort villages. The houses there are actually built on the seashore, so you don’t have to go far.
• Iron Port (Kherson region).
Iron Port is a small, but quite popular resort village. A lot of young people come here in the summer, if you are looking for a quiet holiday - it is better to choose Lazurnoe or Skadovsk.
• Skadovsk (Kherson region).
Skadovsk is also a city for families. Usually he is chosen for a vacation with young children.
• Azure (Kherson region).
Azure is also suitable for families. This city attracts tourists with low prices compared to other resort towns.
In addition to the seas in Ukraine, there are mountains, so in winter you can go to the ski resort "Bukovel" and get a lot of pleasure from the rest. There you can rent a bike, ski or snowboard. You can also recall childhood and just ride a sled. In the mountains there are many hotels and SPA centers that are suitable for any wallet.
Now the resort is actively developing, and plans to lay several new tracks. Bukovel’s leadership is also working to open 13,200 new berths.

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