Let`s talk about dreams)

Let`s talk about dreams)
Everyone in the world dreams of something. Every night, before going to bed, we imagine something bright, incredible. We dream of traveling, of another job, of another life. We idealize people, circumstances. Imagine ourselves at the seaside or near the mountains. And all this is a dream. But what is it? What we often dream about and why it is not the goal, but the dream. We are used to thinking that a dream is something impossible and unattainable. But dreams are very insidious. We have no idea that we will give birth if they suddenly come true. What will lead to the realization of all these dreams. After all, everyone's dreams are not always good. But we still dream. Every dream of ours has the right to life. They make our lives brighter. You probably agree that there are too many in the present time of anxiety, anxiety, and irritation. We have become very annoying and that, unlike a dream, helps us to relax and think about something pleasant.

Dreams, apparently, as children. They are direct and transparent, they are clean and bright. We do not take into account any bad dreams. After all, there will be such a person who dreams of bad things. They cannot be considered incorrect, but we will not take them into account. Because the dream is to make people happy. Many of us dream of traveling, others of great earnings. Someone dreams of healthy children and a happy family, someone a brand new iPhone. We are different and our dreams are different too.

But we can say that most of all dreams are just a goal that can be achieved in a week. But how will we then live without a dream? Scientists say that dreaming is even useful. But beware, dreams still have the potential to come true. Dream about what your heart really wants, what you want to achieve, and what you do.

But never let the dream take hold of you. This will make you lose reality. For dreams you forget to live. But life is beautiful and they need to enjoy themselves. Time goes on and life goes by and the dream can remain a dream. Never dissolve in a dream. Live today. Yesterday is already a past that we cannot influence, and tomorrow is a future that will never come. We can only influence today. We can make our dream come true. But you need to act. Sitting on the couch no dreams will come true. Nothing is given simply so everything must be sought.

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