We save on food every day

We save on food every day
Absolutely all services now offer many programs, thanks to which you can save on almost everything. The most important thing is to be able to use it and not be lazy to do it. The point is very simple - each company has a budget that they allocate to attract customers. And they calmly share this budget with those who bring these clients to them. For example, the very popular cashback today works just like this - if the bank brings customers to the store, then a certain percentage of their purchases drops to the bank, and the bank gives part of this money directly to its customer so that he continues to make purchases in this store. using the card of this bank.
All loyalty programs are designed for exactly this - if you constantly buy from the same seller, then he does not need to spend more money to stimulate you to make purchases. Accordingly, this results in your final cumulative discount. Many banks, shops and retail chains have already joined together so as not to intercept the audience from each other, but to share it quietly. This is a situation called “Win-Win”, that is, absolutely everyone wins as a result of the transaction. And banks, and sellers, and buyers.
The ability to count and agree correctly is the key to the success of any business. Every business should benefit both the producer and the consumer. All the same applies to ready-made meals with delivery in Kiev. There was a time when a client could be attracted in only one way - advertising, which was becoming more intrusive, eventually even annoying at times. Modern advertising has acquired a much more pleasant and natural character.
Using various promotions in supermarkets, you can save on products by using various sites with coupons - on a variety of services, including food delivery. We, in turn, decided to give maximum discounts to our customers directly on our website!

Promotions and discounts on pies with delivery

Every day you can save very well by using our promotional offers and discounts. For example, every Tuesday you can literally make yourself a real pie feast by ordering an even number of pies. Why even? Because every second pie in the check comes with a discount of as much as 70%. You can get two ready-made hot cakes that will be delivered directly to your home or office, literally at the price of a regular trip to the store. Try to recall your usual grocery basket and you will understand that on Tuesdays it is definitely much more profitable for you to feed the whole family of pies than to go with bags, and then also stand in the kitchen for a couple of hours. Order Ossetian pies in Kiev in double quantity on Tuesdays!
From Monday to Thursday, we also offer you a good 25% discount on pies for the entire order, manage to make it the main one from 15:00 to 17:00, and enjoy a delicious dinner at a low price. Have sweet evenings with our berry pies on Fridays, and there will also be a 25% discount at any time of the day. You can have dinner in the family circle every evening by placing an order from 18:00 to 19:00 and receiving a 30% discount on every second pie in the check.
As you can see, you can have a holiday every day without spending a lot of money. We also have discounts for the weekend, discounts for birthday parties - just call us and the manager will tell you about all the offers. And, like a cherry on the cake - we have a bonus program. Register, place orders, and accumulate bonuses. We do everything so that our pies are available to everyone, because delivering delicious food to your home is our favorite job.