Want an apple?

   Apples are the most common fruit in Ukraine. And no wonder. The uniqueness and benefits of apples can only be envied. Where did these wonderful fruits come from on our table? In fact, apples have been eaten by the very history of human origin. But at first, of course, the apples were wild. They began to domesticate about 5,000 years ago, Kazakhstan is considered to be the birthplace of home apple. The apple was not something out of the ordinary, so it was domesticated. At the time, they did not yet know about its beneficial qualities, but they certainly noticed an improvement in the health of eating apples and knew full well that apples were nutritious and delicious.
    In Europe, the apple tree was in the time of Alexander the Great and immediately became popular with other nations. Writers of Ancient Rome wrote about 36 varieties of apples that grew during their lifetime. Apparently, apples have played an important role in their lives. For the first time in the territory of Ukraine, apples appeared in the monastery gardens in the time of Kievan Rus in the 9th century. During the reign of Yaroslav the Wise, as early as 1051, an apple orchard was established and was called the "Garden of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra". And today, apples are used for a completely unique quantity of products. Apples are consumed just like that, they are used for drinks, they make drinks, salads, they are part of the second course and an incredible amount of baking. But the deserved place for apples is not only due to its versatility. Apples are extremely useful. They contain pectin, reduce the likelihood of diabetes by 28%, help maintain the health of the cardiovascular system and more. Apples contain large amounts of vitamins such as C, B1, B2, P, E, lots of manganese, potassium and easily digestible iron. And this, combined with the availability of apples, makes them so popular and beloved. Apples are also used by people who are on a diet and healthy diet. This is because, with such nutritional value and usefulness, apples do not contribute to weight gain and poor health. It is especially advisable to eat apples in the fall. After all, this season they are the most delicious, the most useful and the cheapest.
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