We are visiting

We are visiting
It's no secret that Ukrainians are the most hospitable nation. Always friendly, sincere and with a good smile, you are ready to meet anyone who appears on the doorstep. Where did the tradition go to visit?

The guest is a messenger of God

From ancient times the Slavs believed that the guest is joy and happiness. They believed that the guest was a messenger of God who accepted the human likeness and walked among men. Therefore, they always welcomed any stranger who came to their gentlemen. The tracts that the guest brought symbolized the gifts from the Most High. Subsequently, the tradition of visiting has become even ritualistic. Since people believed that the guest would bring well-being to the house, on New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve, someone who had a happy fate or a child had to come. This tradition is still preserved in our time. There are Christmas carols during the Christmas holidays, singing songs and even playing whole performances sometimes.
As you can see, hospitality is a part of the Ukrainian mentality that was established many years ago. Today, we almost do not welcome guests at home, but prefer meetings in cafes, parks and other popular places for coffee and socializing. However, meeting in a home environment is much warmer and more heartwarming, because the hostess, who is waiting for guests, is always diligently preparing and trying to treat them to the best dishes.

Things to remember

If you are invited to visit someone's home, you need to follow simple etiquette rules:
- To arrive much sooner or to be late is not polite. If you are late in your own business, be sure to alert the people who invited you. Arriving too early is also undesirable. The hosts may not have everything ready yet and may be confused.
- When you come to a new house unfamiliar to you, it is not necessary to look closely at the atmosphere and things in the house, to go from corner to corner. If the owners want, they will show everything.
- At lunch or dinner, be careful and observe the rules of etiquette.
- When you are visiting, do not lose your sense of time. Don't be late until late hours.
What to bring?
If you are invited for a birthday, housewarming or other holiday, you should usually come with a gift. If you are just visiting, you should also take care of the presentations to the hosts. Do not go as they say, "empty handed", especially when there are small children in the house. It can be a souvenir to commemorate or some well-packed sweets. If you know well the person you want to visit, then you can bring some food with you. It can be anything: cake, cookies, salad, fruit. We, in turn, offer you to order a Ossetian pie, which will be a great hotel. You can choose salted meat or vegetable stuffing or sweet pie, depending on what the homeowner likes. For your convenience, we have Ossetian pie home delivery, so if you do not have time to run to the store and people are already waiting for you, use this service. Our cheese pies will not leave anyone indifferent, but will emphasize your attitude and respect for the owners.