A sparkling wine

A sparkling wine
Since our famous Ossetian pies are often ordered for birthdays, for parties or for evening gatherings after a difficult working day, we decided to write about alcohol. For statistics, our famous Ossetian pies, which cannot leave you indifferent, go very well with sparkling wine. And this is not surprising, because our juicy, nourishing, fragrant and such delicious fillings are suitable for everything. And to alcoholic beverages, and to juices and even to dairy products. Very often people order our Ossetian pies for breakfast at home or in the office. After all, they are so tasty, fresh and very healthy. And besides, we delight our customers not only with a piece of soul and love in every pie, but also with fast and high-quality delivery. Do not believe? Visit the site or call and look at the result. Your favorite Ossetian cake will arrive very quickly. He will be in perfect condition, and most importantly - he will be still hot, it will seem that he was pulled out of the furnace just a couple of seconds ago. We perfectly tuned our delivery service, because we love each of our customers and will not let anyone stay hungry. Our bakery will feed everyone.

So, back to the sparkling wines. This is a universal drink that cannot be left without special attention. But we don’t know much about him. This needs to be fixed quickly.

Champagne. Bet you didn't know that?

A lot of people do not know that champagne is a sparkling wine. And it appeared thanks to the city of Champagne. And there, in turn, people have been growing grapes since the third century. This is unbelievable. These wines were affectionately called diabolical. And this is not because they help to get drunk quickly. It's all about a small and unpleasant trend for buyers. Barrels with this drink had the ability of secondary fermentation. As a result, they exploded very often. Here is a specific feature that clung to customers.
Do you know who Victor Lamber is? This man invented to turn tartaric acid into lactic acid. This is how brut appeared. This is a very dry champagne. A few years later it became the most popular variety in the world, although initially few people believed in this idea.
The name champagne was patented by the city where it was invented. That is why, when the recipe for sparkling wine began to travel the world, masters did not have the right to name their products as champagne. So there were new original and very interesting names.
We are sure that some people did not even know that sparkling wine is divided into types. And they, in turn, appeared due to the percentage of sugar. For example, brut has up to 0.3%, but the driest - 0.8%. There are also dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet and sweet champagne. Which one do you like more and what do you think is more suitable for our famous Ossetian pies? The answer is simple - that’s it. After all, our Ossetian pies exist for every taste. Thus, a special Ossetian cake is suitable for a particular type of champagne. Do not believe? And you try, just go to the website of our bakery or just call and order different types. Gather your friends and start testing.
Attention, very interesting information. Did you know that the average bottle of champagne contains more than 250 million bubbles. It is amazing.
Why do you drink champagne? Too many people do not strain and drink sparkling wine from cups. There are also people who choose the right glass, and there are those who think they have chosen the right one, because champagne is wine, which means that the glass should be appropriate. But it was not there. How to choose a glass correctly. To begin with, it is customary to drink champagne from a glass whose walls are filled with a kind of small relief. This is all done so that the bubbles stick to the walls. Now you know how to distinguish a fake from an original.
We all know, because we have seen so many times that winners of competitions, contests, projects are often watered with champagne. Just now, fashion has begun to pour sparkling wine on everyone and everything. But where did such a peculiar tradition come from, who was the first to think of this? A pioneer in this area was a famous racer. When the guy won the race, they gave him a bottle of champagne. For joy, he decided to open it and arrange a mini fountain for people. It was very unique and unusual. People liked the chip and began to use it everywhere.
Have you seen the largest bottle of champagne in the world? Not? Turn on the Oscars and enjoy. After all, the biggest bottle of everyone’s favorite sparkling wine was invented specifically for this event. Just imagine these sizes - 1 meter and 82 centimeters. And you would like to see our famous Ossetian pie of this size. I wonder how many people could be made happy?