How to keep tea hot for a long time

How to keep tea hot for a long time

History of the invention

As always, everything is brilliant - simple and created, most of all, by accident. So, in 1892, the scientist James Dewar created a vessel for the storage of experimental reagents. It was a vessel with double walls, between which there was no air, only a vacuum. Also, a thin layer of reflective silver was applied to the outer sides of the surfaces of both vessels. Of course, the scientist was not even aware then of the versatility and utility of his invention. But his student R. Berger saw in it a household and financial benefit. It was Berger who in 1904 put this appliance on mass production and gave it the name we use today.
Subsequently, for convenience, Dewar's student refined the design of the thermos and came with a lid and a cup. So the student outgrew his teacher and began to earn considerable money for the manufacture of this apparatus. Thermos, a company that manufactures thermos flasks, started working and is now operating.

How did people start using thermos flasks?

The first to start using thermoses widely and to prove their convenience, and sometimes even pilots, were vital. Those pilots who operated the aircraft with an open cockpit, and therefore felt the flow of wind and cold. In such circumstances, the hot drink was absolutely necessary, and it was stored in a thermos. In their example, the pilots proved the convenience and necessity of the apparatus that stores heat. Now, there are both conventional thermos flasks and a thermos bottle and a thermos cup of different volume, so you can choose exactly what you need.

Thermos in every house!

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