Potatoes on our table

 Today, potatoes are such a common ingredient that most do not think where this vegetable came from in our diet and what its origin is. Potatoes are not authentically our vegetable, they lent us from far South America after Christopher Columbus discovered it. Before that, the so-called dominant vegetable was on the table of Ukrainians. Most are surprised to hear which vegetable prevailed on the tables. But at first a small indentation.
Almost all fairy tales are not only entertaining, but in general few know that folk tales carry some information about the past. At times, they are a bit distorted by the information presented, but its meaning is observable. So. There is a folk tale that quite clearly communicates the importance of a particular vegetable that was important to our ancestors. We all know her, because it's just a fairy tale! Yes, turnip was the main vegetable on the tables of Ukraine in the Middle Ages. And the fairy tale clearly conveys the meaning of turnip. This is quite interesting, but in general, reading fairy tales, you can find a lot of historical information, although most of it is encrypted. And about potatoes ...
The first country in Europe to get potatoes was Spain. From it the potatoes have already spread to Europe. At first, potatoes were considered poisonous, because they could not use it, mistakenly eating its fruits, not potatoes. Namely, the fruits are poisonous because they contain solanine, which has a toxic effect on the body and generally manifests itself in nervous and gastroenterological disorders. There is a legend that the right method of consumption was learned by accident. Due to the fact that someone from the inside threw a plant with potatoes into the fire, considering it unfit for anything, wanting to burn it. But when he felt a pleasant aroma, he decided to try the potatoes and was impressed by the pleasant taste. True or not, in any case potatoes are now widespread and used by almost all the population of the country. In our country, potatoes appeared a little later, but also almost immediately were positively accepted by the population that love began to spread it. This is due to its excellent taste, high nutritional value and availability.
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