Caucasian aphrodisiac

Caucasian aphrodisiac

Caucasian aphrodisiac: Ossetian pies with hot pepper

The list of the most powerful aphrodisiacs, as you know, includes hot chili peppers. Its composition of vitamins and minerals is exactly the same as in the Caucasian varieties of hot pepper, which is widely used in traditional cooking. The fruits contain a large amount of the very capsaicin, which is considered a powerful causative agent of sexual desires. Maybe that's why Ossetian men and women who eat a lot of spicy foods since childhood are so temperamental?

Chemistry of love: what happens in the body

Most recently VO Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun published a post on the social network Facebook, which attracted the attention of many Ukrainians. In it, the head of the Ministry of Health refuted myths related to eating spicy food. She explained in detail what is happening in the body of a person who ate a pod of hot pepper or at least a slice of it.

Capsaicin is a substance that determines the severity of pepper. The more it is, the sharper the dish will be. It actively affects pain receptors and the surface of blood vessels. The result of its effect is increased blood circulation and accelerated metabolism. And yet, the thrill makes the brain secrete a large amount of endorphins - neurotransmitters that reduce the perception of pain and exacerbate pleasure. As a result of the use of hot pepper in spicy Ossetian pies, many people feel a slight euphoria that causes sexual desire.

Ossetian spicy pies: always stay awake

Pepper is a traditional filling ingredient for Caucasian pastries. It perfectly emphasizes the taste of meat, gives piquancy to cheese and vegetable dishes. In the Ossetian bakery "Three Pies" you can order delivery of hot pastries to any district of Kiev:
  • With hot and sweet peppers, tender chicken fillet and Ossetian cheese;
  • With hot Jalapeno peppers, juicy veal and fresh herbs;
  • With a meat mix of veal and lamb, generously seasoned with jalapeno hot pepper;
  • With diet turkey meat, light ricotta cheese, sweet, dried dried fruit, and hot peppers.
Lunch with spicy Ossetian pies will give not only satiety, but also cheerfulness and real pleasure. Capsaicin awakens sexual energy and when it has nowhere to splash it sublimates it into creativity. Therefore, people who often eat spicy foods are always more creative and easy to climb.

Great offers from the Three Pies bakery

If you like to dine in a friendly team of colleagues, then the combo menu will be a great choice for every day. Indeed, the composition of the sets is different and therefore you can always choose the most suitable option for any company. At the same time, the combo menu makes it possible to save from 100 to 200 hryvnias and not to purchase drinks separately. After all, each set contains at least 1 liter of classic Coca-cola.

Spicy food lovers will also be pleased with this offer. The combo menu number 2 includes an incredibly delicious spicy Ossetian pie with jalapeno peppers, veal and fresh herbs. A combo menu number 3 will delight you with two different flavors of spicy toppings. Friends will help to evaluate the vivid emotions from eating Caucasian pastries, because it is unrealistic to eat four hearty pies yourself!