Fashion and style

Fashion and style
Apparently, every woman loves shopping. Agree that it's always nice to be pleased with your new dress, jewelry or other things. Sometimes shopping takes a lot of time and time is not enough for homework, and especially for cooking. But we offer you a way out of this situation - to order Ossetian pies from our bakery. You can choose from either a small pie or a large cheese pie that truly feeds the whole family. So you can safely enjoy your shopping and not think about what to cook for dinner. We, in turn, want to be useful to you, and in this regard have prepared for you information on trends and colors that will be popular next year.

We choose outerwear for the winter

With the advent of the cold, everyone begins to warm. It is important for a woman that the clothing is not only warm and comfortable, but also fashionable, so that she can emphasize her personality. As always leading the way in winter fashion occupy down jackets, but this year the most fashionable will be a short jacket, the size of an oversize, which will be suitable for both sports style and will fit in dresses or skirts.
If you are a fan of Cape-style clothing, then in this case you have the choice of a coat coat and a sheepskin coat. Such clothes, unlike down jackets, it is better to choose longer. Heels and heel bag will fit perfectly.

Every year more and more people oppose the use of animal skins to sew clothes. So for fans of fur coats, designers in this case are advised to choose an artificial fur coat or the so-called plush coat. They are usually brown and beige and are great for everyday wear.
In terms of colors, all shades of caramel and cocoa, as well as pastel colors, will be relevant this winter. If you love more brightly, then choosing fuchsia color or shades of tomato and mango, you will definitely not miss and will have a very stylish look.

And in the spring?

Those who have already purchased winter clothes can think of fashion trends for spring-summer 2020. Next year, the trend will be minimalist and a natural range of colors. So any color of nature - sand, asphalt, grass or sky - will make your clothes the most fashionable in the new season.
As fashion develops in a spiral and often long forgotten things become relevant nowadays. So next year will be relevant accessories from the 80s of the 20th century. Feel free to complement your look with a wide lacquered strap or exquisite radish.
There is good news for monoluk fans. Designers offer to collect an image from things that are combined by one print or material. For fabrics, in this case, prefer jeans, leather, velvet. If you like to attract attention and love glitter, choose metallic colors and fabrics with lurex and sequins.

We hope that we have helped you a bit to understand the current trends in fashion, but the main thing is to remember that the main thing in a fashion image is a well-groomed appearance and manner of communication.
So shop with pleasure and do not worry about dinner for your home, because we have delivery of Ossetian pies home in Kiev. And you can savor cheese pies in your kitchen simply by ordering them over the phone.