Milk is not only tasty, but also healthy

Milk is not only tasty, but also healthy
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So, we sorted out the food. And what about drinking. A lot of people, respectively, a lot of desires and tastes. Someone is washing our delicious Ossetian pies with soda, someone with various fruit drinks. We even met people who simply adore pie with tea and attention with milk. Yes, in our country, people simply cannot live without this product. That is why we decided to write some interesting facts about milk. Enjoy, you didn’t know for sure.
Interesting about milk
1. Our world is insanely diverse. A lot of countries and nationalities. All of them have their own traditions and differences from others. A clear example of this is even the difference in milk consumption. With us, most people cannot live without this food product. But the Chinese, for example, do not drink milk. Yes, they may have been glad, but this product is simply not absorbed in their bodies. The reason is simple. Many years ago, when Europeans quickly milked cows, China was far from this occupation. If you do not take into account China, then let's talk about Vietnam. There, residents cannot consume milk in the form we are used to. They add sugar or some food additives there for a better taste. And in India, milk is mixed with different spices.
2. We all love cow's milk, yes, it is beneficial for the body, but does not have as many properties as goat's. In addition, goat milk is more sweet.
3. Interestingly, everyone’s favorite product is 90 percent water.
4. Milk contains more than 80 different mineral elements.
5. There are people who do not absorb lactose. But in the body of an ordinary person, milk is digested by 98 percent.
6. Information for hostesses. With milk, you can neutralize the ink stain and even fight stains on mirrors.
7. Milk can produce not only cows and goats. Do not forget about the existence of, for example, whales and seals. Few people know, but their milk is considered the fattest. The fat content of the product can reach 50 percent.
8. Do you want a long and happy life? Drink more milk and consume plenty of dairy products. Studies have shown that long-livers who have lived a hundred years or more have been milk fans.
9. And if it is difficult for your body to absorb the milk of a cow or goat, then do not despair. Try the horse’s milk, it is softer and more easily absorbed by the body.
10. Have you already tried buffalo milk? No? So do not lose this opportunity. The milk of these animals, compared to cow's, is much thicker and more nutritious. It is useful and very relevant in our difficult times. Doctors often attribute this milk to people with respiratory problems.
11. If you are tormented by insomnia, then milk will come to your aid. Drink a glass of milk at bedtime, and it will serve you sleeping pills.
12. The ancient Egyptian queen claimed that milk helps the skin stay young and beautiful. That is why she loved baths with milk.
13. No need to combine milk and meat. After all, the body is very difficult to absorb all this. Therefore, when ordering our famous Ossetian pies, also order the delicious drinks that we offer you. So it will be more useful and in the end your body will thank you.
14. To get a kilogram of creamy butter and most importantly natural butter, you need 21 liters of milk. But to get cheese you need only 10 liters.
15. People who work in hazardous jobs, hazardous industries receive free milk. And it’s not just that. After all, milk is able to bind toxins in the body.
16. And you asked yourself why white milk? Now we will reveal the secret. It is white thanks to the protein casein.
17. People love milk so much that they even celebrate the day in honor of this product. In Brussels, the well-known fountain to the pissing boy, is filled not with water, as we used to see it, but with milk. And the international day of milk is considered June 1.
18. Attention, dishes after milk must be washed first with cold water, and then hot. It’s good that after our most delicious Ossetian pies, you don’t have to wash anything. After all, we deliver our most popular pies in Kiev in convenient special boxes. They are very convenient to eat, so you do not need to get plates.

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