On taste and color

On taste and color
The taste is formed in a person depending on his environment, on family traditions, on dishes popular in the area where a person lives most of his life. In India, spicy dishes are the norm that may seem inedible to our compatriot, but Uzbek pilaf is a delicacy for us, although not everyone can immediately understand the charm of cereals, meat, raisins and heaps of various spices in one pot. Locust snacks, popular on the streets of China, although they are mostly intended for adventure-hungry tourists, do not surprise anyone there, and if you serve fried cockroaches in a Ukrainian restaurant, you can hardly count on a Michelin star from local connoisseurs.

If you offer any person to eat an absolutely unfamiliar and unusual dish, then not everyone will agree. Moreover - even cilantro, which has already become familiar, many will not like as a substitute for dill with parsley. In the process of developing recipes for our cakes to order, we certainly take into account the tastes of conservatively minded Kievans, but we are always ready to offer a piece of exotic. For example, instead of Ukrainian sauces, we offer Georgian, in some pies we use special herbs and spices, and some recipes are completely traditional for Ossetian pies. At the same time, we do not call ourselves a network of bakeries exclusively of traditional cuisine. We are pleased to invent new modern recipes, and offer customers their favorite fillings in a beautiful and easy-to-use shell.

What filling for the pie to choose if you want a new, but neat?

For example, take the aforementioned cilantro, which really has a very specific taste and aroma, and, like any greens, it affects the taste of the whole cake. If you have not tried cilantro before, then no one can say for sure whether you will like this seasoning. Make an order for a pie with a filling containing the ingredients that are completely familiar to you, and in addition try the sauce, which contains cilantro. Having dipped a piece of hot and incredibly tasty cake in a fragrant sauce, you will fully enjoy the bouquet of taste and aroma and make your own personal unequivocal verdict about cilantro.

There is the opposite option - if, for example, you really like sour cream, but garlic does not fit into your mood today, and you do not want to order sauce with sour cream and garlic, then try to order a pie with a combination of fillings that you have not tried and eat with sour cream and pleasure. Ordering food at home can bring a lot more interesting emotions if you show a little creativity!

How to offer a child healthy vegetables if he refuses to eat them?

Yes, you understood correctly - you need to order a pie from us! Many children refuse to eat vegetables, because they rarely have enough bright and interesting taste to interest the child, and often completely incomprehensible. Remember, with great pleasure you ate broccoli as a child? But if you fill in the “nasty” vegetables with delicious cheese and wrap it in a beautiful pie, surely any whim will agree to eat them.

Such tricks are often used by experienced mothers and grandmothers. Meat in the form of cutlets, a liver in the form of pancakes, cauliflower, fried with potatoes. Home delivery food can also help you feed your baby and give him all the necessary vitamins. We remind you that our pies have exclusively fresh organic products, and the baking process in a wood-burning stove allows you to save the necessary vitamins and minerals. Your children will be full and satisfied, and you will estimate the amount of time and nerves freed up.