Natural product is the key to health

Natural product is the key to health
Ossetian pies are considered a national dish, like most other nations, for example, borsch, dumplings - among Ukrainians, pilaf - from Uzbeks. This is not just a delicious dish, but part of the culture of the people. They are prepared from the finest dough using unmatched fillings, both meat, cheese, and sweet. Most lovers of traditional Caucasian cuisine are concerned about the question: “Are Ossetian pies harmful or healthy”?

Harm or benefit of Ossetian pies for a figure?

It is known that most delicious dishes contain many calories, which adversely affects our figure. Therefore, enjoying them, we are constantly worried, thinking whether each eaten piece of goodies will negatively affect our figure.
Ossetian pies do not belong to the category of diet food. However, their calorie content is determined by the recipe. Our figure adversely reflects a high percentage of dough, which subsequently leads to undesirable weight gain in different places.
Ossetian pies are distinguished by many such dishes, namely the thickness of the dough. In the finished dish, the dough layer is about 30%. An important factor in gaining excess weight is the filling. Naturally, meat filling in these cases is undesirable; it is better to give preference to vegetable or chicken. As a low-calorie filling, you can offer mushrooms, which also have a low percentage of calories.
Ossetian pies in the bakery "Three Pies" will only benefit the body! They are rich in trace elements necessary for our body, quickly satisfy hunger. A dish can serve as a snack or a full dinner. We conclude: Ossetian pies are much healthier than any fast food and they are deservedly considered a healthy diet.

Health benefits of Ossetian dishes

No need to deny yourself the pleasure of a delicious Ossetian dish in order to maintain a slim figure. Nutritionists have proved that Caucasian pastries contain a whole vitamin - mineral complex, which has a beneficial effect on the health of the body as a whole. Choosing a certain type of filling, the body receives:
many minerals: calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, iodine, and we can continue this list for a long time;
vitamins of groups A, C, E, P, K, P6, PP, B2;
other useful components: fiber, amino acids, fatty acids, lactic acid bacteria, fructose.
Therefore, the amazing traditional dish of the Caucasus can be considered not only incredibly tasty, but also useful for the body. Our bakery presents original Ossetian lean pies and vegetarian pies, which definitely will not cause weight gain, but will only improve well-being and mood.
Ossetian pies are considered a hearty meal. In Ossetia, they jokingly say that one pie can feed three men. The positive properties of the product are that the dish is prepared exclusively from natural products, without the use of harmful substances, dyes and additives. Food is quickly digested in the gastrointestinal tract and does not cause discomfort.

Given the benefits to the body and the calorie content of the dish, you can quickly arrange delivery of pies to your home. It does not take much time. Orders are accepted around the clock, and our customers will always be sure that they will receive the freshest, hot Ossetian pies with a crispy crust. We have convenient payment methods. Orders are accepted via the Internet, terminal, you can pay in cash to the courier or through POS. A delicious dish is a great option for any special occasions, family holiday, banquet or corporate party.
Our Ossetian pies always bring happiness to every home, health and prosperity in all matters.