The negative impact of plastic on the environment

The negative impact of plastic on the environment
The current food industry offers the use of plastic as a comfortable package. After all, it is difficult to spoil it, it is relatively cheap and ... unfortunately, there are no more pluses. In addition, it brings great harm to the human body. Only about this - no one thinks ....

Plastic damage

Did you know that plastic decomposes within 500 - 1000 years? This means that, first of all, rather than the plastic decomposed entirely, our planet will simply “sink” in such waste. There is an idea of ​​how “micro plastic” is small pieces of plastic that come across almost everywhere. The presence of micro-plastic in the ponds gives rise to great excitement. Its presence in the oceans, rivers and other bodies of water is increasing dramatically every day, this adversely affects not only the flora and fauna of water bodies, but also those who drink such water, thereby acquiring a dose of microplastic for the body. Ice checks in the Arctic confirmed the presence of plastic in it.
The first time micro plastic was found a long time ago - back in 1971, microbiologist Ed Carpenter discovered snow-white spots in the Sargasso Sea. After a detailed check, it turned out that these are small parts of plastic. The scientist was shocked by the fact that he found pieces of plastic - in the center of the vast Atlantic Ocean.
The scientist Mark Brown came to such conclusions, which revealed particles of plastic in the blood of mussels. The use of plastic products by the people and its incorrect processing directly spoils the inhabitants of reservoirs and the people themselves.
In underwater filming, quite often you can see how marine inhabitants take plastic waste instead of food.

Plastic burning: damage

To recycle plastic products - certain companies, according to the recycling of plastic, they burn it. This method of getting rid of such garbage causes more significant damage to the planet. Burning plastic spews into the air about seventy chemical combinations that are dangerous to living things, including humans. In the event that the burning of plastic begins to be practiced everywhere, and will be the usual technology for recycling plastic waste, poor health and fatal outcomes cannot be ruled out. Among those seventy elements, there are those that contribute to prolonged irritation of the respiratory system and selects their ability to counteract various diseases.

Plastic damage to humanity

Penetrating into the gastrointestinal tract, particles of plastic poison the body with pesticides and bis phenol, which causes a blow to the hormonal system of people. Particles of plastic can inhibit cell growth, this will be the first cause of the pathology of the body. Today, plastic microparticles can be detected everywhere: in the atmosphere, in water bodies, in the ground.
The pollution of our planet with plastic waste, as well as their impact on humanity, is reported by studies by scientist Mark Brown, made in 2008. They reveal the terrible truth about the effect of plastics on the human body. Particles of plastic inhaled with air, also taken with food, poison the body with toxic elements. In particular, some components of plastic can be a factor in the construction of serious diseases: from sweet diabetes to oncology.

How to deal with this and who is to blame?

This problem raises two main questions. How to fight, and who is to blame? The answer to the second question is quite simple! We are guilty! A full understanding of this problem and its adequate perception will help get rid of it. As long as we look for those responsible, without seeing our actions in this problem, it will only increase. It is worth considering your habits properly, understanding how exactly we can help the planet and ourselves in the first place.
In order not to bother with the problem of recycling plastic, you need to start using it less often. Reasonable? Absolutely. What each of us can do is shorten the use of plastic products in everyday life.
Tell the people around you about the dangers of plastic, thereby encouraging them to use it as little as possible. Just do not be very urgent, let everyone make this choice consciously and without primus.
Most plastic residues are plastic bags. You just count how many packages you buy per month, and imagine how dangerous it is for you. It’s much easier and more useful to buy an environmentally friendly handbag the only time you can go shopping regularly, this will not only save your wallet from additional expenses, but also reduce the use of plastic.
Avoid acquiring plastic packaging as much as possible.
Garbage bags are another type of plastic product. These packages gained popularity not so long ago - 6-7 years ago. These plastic bags clog up the earth very much, as they are now actively used to save cities and other settlements from clogging. It’s sad that trying to protect ourselves from garbage we clog up things that do not fall into our field of vision.
We hope that the above tips will help protect the planet from garbage invasion and each of us will worry about the environment. These tips do not require special skills or large investments. However, if we constantly observe them, the situation will change very rapidly. Make your choice wisely!

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