Unusual pregnancy facts

Unusual pregnancy facts
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You will be shocked
We all know very well, especially women who have already become mothers, that carrying a child is a lot of work. Moreover, this is an insane responsibility not only for yourself and your body, but also for the little person who develops in your tummy.
In our century, it is already very difficult to surprise with something, but not everyone knew for sure these facts.
Toilet in the womb
Did you know that the first system that begins its work in a baby is excretory. But where does it all go? Naturally, part of the waste is removed through the mother, but not all. The child drinks some of them.
Change of mood
In the body of pregnant women, estrogen is produced in huge quantities. So much of this hormone falls on one day that you would understand that one day of pregnancy = three years of ordinary life. And of course, this fact makes itself felt very strongly. But it helps to rejuvenate the girl's entire body. Therefore, men do not focus on the constant change of mood in your wife. Just try to understand how she is feeling right now.
Can you cry in the womb?
Mothers who are just carrying their baby cannot hear him cry, but this does not mean that he does not. He may cry in response to external noises or the discomfort that mom feels.
Finger prints
We all know the fact that every person has a unique fingerprint. And even a baby in the womb is no exception. And they will not change with him, which cannot be said about the color of the eye. Often, the color with which the baby was born does not remain with him in later life.
  You cannot insure against the appearance of age spots or moles. And they always appear on a woman's body during pregnancy. But, after childbirth, they may disappear. And in the end, they will most likely all disappear, so don't worry. Very often, spots appear on the belly up to the navel. And all future mothers are nervous and worried about their beauty, they run to the doctors, thinking that something is wrong. But they hear the same answer from the expert. All this will pass when you give birth.