About the interior

About the interior
You will probably agree that we now live in a too modern world. And of course, it will be even more modern. But how things have changed over the last couple of decades. Have you ever heard from your grandparents the word "interior" or "design". And the combination of these two words has emerged just recently.
Previously, no one seemed to think much about where to put a table or chair. What color will the furniture be, at what level to hang the picture and more. Apparently, it depended on the lack of such diversity in everything. Now the eyes are in the department of wallpaper, sofas, interior items. Now we carefully choose everything in one color, one style.

In general, what are the styles and how to distinguish them?

English style. The peculiarity of this style is expensive materials. Genuine wood, genuine leather, textiles with traditional patterns. A fireplace and a library are required. This is a very discreet color style. Primary colors: all shades of burgundy and beige. It takes a lot of light from floor lamps and a table lamp. Furniture should be rounded edges. Everything should be for a comfortable secular conversation.
Art Deco. This is the most geometric style of interior. It became a symbol of celebration and dreamed freedom. The main task of style is not an everyday setting. This is what contrasts him with black and white. Interior items are often chrome plated, furniture is made of metal or lacquered wood. Primary colors are gold, black and white. But it should be remembered that this style loves large rooms.
Baroque. This style shows the greatness and power of the 17th century church. It is characterized by large furniture, gold on frames and walls, large prints, expensive paintings. Not far behind is the lighting: crystal chandeliers and large floor lamps. Main colors: gold, burgundy, beige. This style does not know what is too luxurious.
Versailles. This style is named after the palace. This is the inspiration of many designers and artists, despite the fact that this style is a mixture of classicism and baroque. Expensive materials and bright colors are the main features. A lot of different decor items such as murals, draperies, mirrors, bas-reliefs make this style truly royal. Main colors: lilac, ruby, gold.
Country. Came to us from the farmhouses of America. From there and features: rural color, eco-friendliness, open space and a must-have fireplace. There are many hand-made items such as earthenware and forged items. The rooms are full of textiles of different colors.
There are still many different styles of interior design. And each person chooses for themselves what they like. But in everyone you have to find yourself. You should feel comfortable and not at all important as this style is called. This is the kind of comfort you will find in our pie "THREE PIES". We do not pursue expensive interior decoration, we strive for delicious meals. And also we can deliver this comfort to any city of Kyiv. We are confident that thanks to our food delivery service, the comfort and comfort of your home will be a bit bigger. And when ordering from 250 UAH the delivery is free.