One of the oldest drinks in the world

One of the oldest drinks in the world
Everyone knows that Coca-Cola is the most popular drink in the world. There is no one who does not hear about him. It is consumed by all without exception, even animals. Of course, this drink is delicious and versatile. But best of all it goes with our most delicious pies. The Ossetian pie will just melt in your mouth with Coca-Cola. That is why most of our customers choose this particular beverage when ordering the pie we deliver from our unique bakery, in which this taste is reminiscent of the taste of childhood, as grandma used to cook in the oven. Delivery of Ossetian pies is carried out all over Kiev.
It is interesting
So, how do we know about Coca-Cola? This drink was invented in 1886. It was invented for use instead of medicines for depression and other nervous disorders. People who work hard and have little time to rest should take rest and treat themselves with nerves. So, our advice to you. Stop time and rest, because our country's traffic is extremely fast and people complain about the lack of time. Take it easy, find a cool movie or series, drink Coca-Cola and eat our delicious Ossetian pies, which will boost your spirits.

The first Coca-Cola was not aerated. She was invented in Atlanta. The discoverer was convinced that his water could heal from impotence. On this drink passed those who liked morphine. That is, the real Coca-Cola in its composition previously contained cocaine. In those days, cocaine was not banned. Because no one knew about it for any harm to health. Therefore, such a drug was often added to drinks instead of alcohol. It has long been an unfortunate situation with Coca-Cola. In the newspapers the scandal that black people got drunk on this magic drink and that is why they beat the whites, gained enormous momentum. From this point onwards, fresh coca leaves were added to the water and squeezed to keep cocaine out.
Already in 1902, Coca-Cola became the most famous drink in the world. Since then, so-called brand imitators have started to be created. As a result, Coca-Cola has filed about 153 lawsuits against them. Which were successful. And in 1982 began to produce dietary cola.
Not many people know, but in 2002 the Coca-Cola brand was recognized as the most expensive. This deliciousness is extremely popular. This is evidenced even by the fact that every second in the world drink 8000 glasses of drinks. In Georgia, the first billboard of this company has survived to this day.
The Coca-Cola Myths
Of course, if a thing is popular and desired around it will always develop gossip and many myths. There are a number of pundits who believe that this drink can cure rotavirus infections. But scientists have not moved this, and doctors do not advise to do such folk medicine. There is also a very popular myth that everyone has heard about the substance from which the grass on your lawn greens, so this remedy is made from beer and Coca-Cola. There is a legend that one day, a student drank beer and cola and threw him on the lawn. And in the morning the lawn turned green. And finally. There are rumors around the internet that meat can be dissolved in Coca-Cola. So, it has been proven by experiments that this is a one hundred percent myth.