Weapon of the optimists

Weapon of the optimists
A lot can be said only by a person's facial expressions. A smile is our weapon. If you use it correctly, then you will definitely achieve the desired result.

Why smile?


This is probably the most important fact about smiling. It has been scientifically proven to prolong human life. In 1952, a study was conducted involving two soccer teams. The blue team smiled constantly throughout their lives, and their rivals walked gloomy. The former lived seven to eight years longer.

Trust first of all

For statistics, in a world where you can rely only on yourself, you trust smiling and cheerful people. With their emotions, they seem to say: "I won't let you down." It is generally accepted that people who know how to smile do an excellent job at their job. That is why it is worth putting cheerful photos in your resume when applying for a job. That your chance of getting the desired result increases by twenty percent.

Give joy

What do you expect from the person to whom you have told your good news? Elementary - a smile. And what will happen if the reaction is neutral. The interlocutor will meet her with a stone face. Will you feel comfortable? Most probably not. You will be embarrassed. Therefore, if you do not want to upset the interlocutor, smile with a sincere smile. This will make your acquaintances stronger.


This applies to both women and men. The girl's smile has an extraordinary magic, it cannot be called otherwise. With it, you can easily arouse the interest of the opposite sex. The situation is the same with men. Women rarely pay attention to statues with stone faces.
    This is all good, but what to do if there are too few reasons for joy and a constant smile. There are stages in life when a prude is chasing. But do not give in to insidious circumstances. Cheer yourself up on your own.

How to make yourself smile

Tasty food

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