The first phone: history

The first phone: history
Science never stands still, but is constantly evolving and improving. Fortunately, today we have invented a phone with which we can not only keep in touch with family and friends, but also easily go online and order Ossetian pie from the Three Pies bakery. This mouth-watering pastry can be used as a snack or as a full meal. Often people order it for anniversaries, corporate parties, birthdays and other holidays. Let's get back to the phones.

How did the first phone appear?

There is a debate among scientists about who actually invented this sophisticated device. Although there were many attempts to create a telephone, it was still considered to be the inventor of G. Bell, who in 1876 applied for an apparatus capable of transmitting sounds at a distance to the patent office. Interestingly, it was on this day that the organization received another application from the American physicist I. Gray also to create a phone. The two applications were completely different and offered radically different communication methods. But the main thing was that the first patented a ready-made device, while Gray only gave notice of his intention to create something like a phone.

How did the smart phone come about?

Of course, after that, scientists sought to improve this device and came up with new ideas. The idea to create a mobile phone originated in the mid-20th century. It was a huge device weighing 40 kg and was only placed in cars. Over time, the phone decreased, but so did the power from the onboard car systems. The real revolution in the communications system was created by Martin Cooper, an employee of Motorola who has worked for years to make the cell phone smaller. And he achieved it. The first call from this phone was made in the spring of 1973. This device weighed just over a kilo and had only 12 buttons, 10 of which were numbers and two buttons to start and end a call. After 10 years, the mass production of such phones began. It could only store 30 phone numbers, had one tune and cost $ 4,000.
Every year, the device has been improving: it began to appear alarm clock, calculator, stopwatch and up to the present capabilities of the smartphone.
Apparently, everyone knows that the smartphone translates as "smart" - smart and "foun" - phone. It first appeared in the late 1990s, but its price was again very high and even exceeded a thousand dollars. In 1998, leading mobile technology companies joined forces to create the first unique operating system for mobile phones. Then came the first smartphone, which already had much less weight and many more features and applications. And in 2007, a device with the Multi-touch system appears. It was an Apple iPhone.
Today we cannot imagine our life without this gadget. We use it as a communication tool, as a photo or video camera, as a storage device, and more. Internet access is also a popular feature of the modern phone, especially among young people.
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