Treat yourself to yummy

Treat yourself to yummy
Sometimes, on especially good days, I really want to pamper myself with something tasty at work. But, not always in search of a cafe with your favorite dishes is free time at lunchtime. And if it is, it is often the case, in the places there are simply no free tables. The delivery of hot pastries from the Ossetian bakery "Three Pies" will help to embody the desired into reality. The menu includes fresh products with various fillings, which will turn any meal into a holiday. But the pie with salmon, suluguni, fresh tomatoes and fragrant greens deserves special attention.

Exquisite treat for a warm company

Baking with tender fish fillet, Suluguni cream cheese, tomatoes, herbs and original Caucasian spices conquers the heart of tasty food lovers with just one appearance. A thin, well baked and soaked in butter dough crust hides an incredibly tasty filling. Her flavor causes a strong appetite and a desire to immediately share with those who are next to a piece of baking, to enjoy real Caucasian cuisine together.

Ossetian fish pie with salmon and cheese is an ideal solution when it is urgently needed:
Take guests and feed them something nourishing and unusual. This can be either a delegation of business partners, or friends who have been on the street by chance, who have not seen for a long time
To treat colleagues in honor of celebrating their own Birthday or any other holiday - for example, the conclusion of a lucrative contract or the successful completion of an important project;
Arrange a festive table with tasty and healthy food. Ossetian fish pies can be a worthy decoration and main dish, replacing the fatty high-calorie cake.
And baking with such a smart fish and cheese filling is an excellent opportunity to see a close friend or those who like it a lot. And during the joint enjoyment of gourmet food you can plenty to talk, discuss the most important things, make plans for the future.

Ossetian fish cake: a universal treat for any holiday

The original recipe, which is used by the cooks of the bakery "Three Pies" for making dough, does not imply the presence of chicken eggs. Therefore, vegetarians and those who hold a religious post can enjoy the same pleasure with the same pleasure. Moreover, the filling of fish, pickled suluguni cheese and fresh tomatoes can also be considered halal or kosher. And, therefore, it can be used by Muslims and Jews, without fear of violating religious canons.

Ordering Ossetian fish pies to the office or home with delivery to any district of Kiev is easy! Simply call the phone number listed on the site and leave your request. A maximum of two hours hot, only from the oven Ossetian pies will be delivered directly to the specified address. And large companies can take advantage of a special offer and order the delivery of a combo menu consisting of several types of baking.